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Do you think their should be limits to our rights or should we be open to our rights? Do you think we should a right we dont already have?

Like we already have limits
like we cant own certian wepons including nukes lol
or cant say harmfull things to higher up official
but i mean should we have more on certain areas.
like maybe taking away protest at furnerals
or maybe should we have more rights
like to do any drug we want or own any gun we want

i wish we could stop protest at furnerals
death penalties should be givin out more to worse people
harsher punishments for sexual predators and abusers
i also feel like we should also let 18 year old teens in military to drink (if they can die and be drafted for our country they should be able to at least get drunk)
pot should be legal
these are just some of mine
whats yours?

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Legalization of gay marriage.
Legalization of marijuana.
Abortion laws should he stricter. For instance they shouldn't be used as a form of birth control.
Birth control and Seex ed should be more available to younger people. ( proves this on the daily).

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Star for you
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Come on down to Colorado! Grass and same $ex marriage is legal!
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I agree with you 100%!
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Kop I been thinking about it!
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In favor of:
-Legalization of pot
-More capital punishment for killers
-More punishment for rapists
-Ease up on gun laws
-Alcohol at 18 if in the military is reasonable
-Less political p!ssing contests would be nice.
-I'd love to abolish political parties too

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Yeah buddy
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And make it mandatory to be a juggalo lol
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I'm in favor of the death penalty as well.
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lol to many haters
thats why boondox came out with this song
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I wish they would kiIl rapists. I know 2 people who were sexually assaulted and the people who did it to them deserve death.
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I feel the same
or send them to a prison where they starve to death or make it like a concintration camp
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The link doesnt work for the app. Which song is it?
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