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Is it true that eating peanut butter at night can keep your metabolism continuously going?

I heard that you can metabolize faster / longer if you eat peanut butter before going to sleep, supposedly because it is slower to digest and high in protein. Is this true?

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I've never heard such a thing. It's very high in fat though, so I don't really recommend it unless you're skinny and trying to bulk up. Personally, I don't think it's good to eat later than 8pm. Eating later than that can slow down your metabolism and store more fat. It's best to have a protein shake or meat right after a workout as well.

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Good evening sweetie -
How are you doing this fine evening ?
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I'm good! Just relaxing after work ^_^ You?
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I'm off fri n sat -
Curious ??
What do you do ?
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Lucky! I'm off for the next four days XD
I work at a pizza place for the time being... :/ lol
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My fav food -
I like to make my own -
I go to 3 different places for 1 pizza
1 place has the best sauce -
The other has really thick dough-
And cheese - I get at the supermarket-
I'm weird - I know -
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Lol not weird at all ^_^

I honestly kind of hate pizza now... I've made too many. haha
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I know what u mean-
When I was younger-
Mom used to work at pizza hut-
I can not eat a pizza from there now-
Because I ate Pizza Hut way too much
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Yeah that's how it's getting to be for me too! I'm just tired of looking at it. lol and it used to be one of my favorites.
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Try making your own -
As I do -
You will not get a better pizza-
,.,.,. Anyhow
Thanks for the talk-
I wanted to ask before what you
Did - work "
I was curious -
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Well I'm soon to be in the U.S Air Force (in a couple of months) ^_^ But yeah, I'm stuck in a pizza shop for now :/ lol
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I know - I remember -
" your hair cut question "
Anything that helps now is a good job
, when you get out of the Air Force-
The world will be your puppet-
Great move on your part-
Perhaps - you will retire from the military-
At the ripe age of 40
To live your life as you please-
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I hope so! That's my goal ^_^
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Great talk
See ya around
Hope you do well
Your too smart to fail at anything -
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Thank you! ^_^
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Yes bodybuilders do it.

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Yes and also the goverment allows 10 percent of bug juice inside peanut butter soooo

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That's what makes it taste so good :-)
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No wonder its so high in protein. ;)
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