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How fast does food digest in a two year old

I fed my daughter corn for dinner less than an hour later she pooped bright green and I could see the shell of the corn

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In a child her age it can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to digest food in the stomach. However to have food travel from the stomach through the intestines and come out in the stool it can take 75 to 80 hours. Is it possible that you fed her corn a few days ago? This is probably what you are seeing. Children have a much higher metabolism so it could be possible that some of the husks have made it through the intestines already, but again, it may be from a previous meal days ago.
Also the bright green poop can be attributed to having grape drink, or koolaide at dinner. It could also quite possibly be from having grapes, or blueberries or blackberries. These can all make your child's poop bright green.

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sweet corn could take an hour to 2.

asparagus almonds okra Lima bean white rice fresh apples apricots can take around 21/2-3 hours to digest.

Foods such as olive oil cashews coconut celery cucumbers onions green pepper pumpkin plum watermelons beets squash wheat bran (should not be eaten 3 hours prior to bedtime. They take about 3-31/2 hours to digest keeping the carbs and energy going!)

frys76 is right about various food making anyones bm different consistencies and colors!

i guess these are few main foods i feed my 2 year old...
(lucky you my sister studies nutrition!)
hope this helps :-)

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