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Would it be a good or a bad idea if Apple and Android combined to one company?

Because there both good technology companies, and me and my friend think that they can make millions if they worked together. But what would be the consequences of that even happening?
Thanks. :)

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Android isn't a company. It's an operating system. Apple already have a better one.

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Apple were years ahead before MS developed Windows. It was a pain in the butt using DOS. It was so easy to hit one lousy key out of place and have to do it all again. In those days, Apple were justified in their high prices.

But they're still a bit overpriced and I'm kind of suspicious about their marketing strategies (as I am with MS, of course) so I stick with MS and Google and it's Android for your Uncle Dodgy -- in spite of my Galaxy Ace having only 200 Mb of memory (but a 32 GB SD card).

Of course, my first hard drive, as huge as it was, had only 30 Mb ... but things were different in 1989.
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I agree, Sir Dodge.. Apple are way over-priced now. The new iPad Air - $700 loaded - it's ridiculous.

However, come October 2014, I suspect I'll be buying a 5S... Or maybe a 6....

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That would stifle competition and would never be allowed.

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