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How do I get over him?

Me and my ex broke up because if his parents and we can't talk for a long while. I can't get him out my head. I'm trying to get over him. But I can't at all :( every time I listen to music he is the guy I think of. No one else. Can anyone help me? I'm starting to get so depressed over it..

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Only time can help you. Right now your gonna think bout him, or at least till some other boy come alone that will get your mind off him xd

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How long has it been since you broke up? If it's only been a month or two, I understand your pain.

Try talking to a friend about how much you miss him (and make sure it's a good friend who will listen and won't judge). And speaking of friends, can't you still be friends with the guy? I'm sure his parents wouldn't be as apprehensive about that.

In the meantime, all you can do is wait- try doing something that makes you happy.

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His parents said we couldn't talk for a long while
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Wow. Did something happen? His parents should at least give a reason why.
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Dont listen to that type of music then
try some metal
or rock or rap
try these out
serenity or voodoo or good day to die by godsmack
tip toe or america by imagine dragons
sugar by system of a down
break stuff by limp bizkit

or do some other hobbies
drawing poetry singing or dancing or what ever it may be
chill with friends
watch tv
not all relationships work out
the ones that do are the good ones

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She's gonna kill him if she listens to half the songs you mentioned lol
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id rather be angry then depressed lol
but no
not all those songs are hard core metal songs
and if shes that influenced by music theres a big problem
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Nice music but they are right. She will do a drive by when she hears cowboys from hell.
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its what i do and did
you dont see my ex all beat up in the hospital
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metal doesnt always make people angry
i party to this
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why did you break up was it him or you otherwise his parents should let y'all talk...

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