I am doing a research for my Research methods class and need some questions.?

Okay so i have to make a questionnaire to ask relevant question on my topic "How does U.N.B.A.M affects the Society" so question should be directly related to my topic. And question should focus on only 1 point=> no double barrel question: example( the teacher i always present and punctual: option: SA,A,N,D,SD).Also no leading question, concise and clear exclusive and exhaustive. and no yes or no question.

Plz help. any help will much be appreciated, you don't have to do all 15, cuz many b other people will post other answer. Plz and thank you share this question plz.

p.s (U.N.B.A.M has to deal with Homosexuals,) and the question will be given to random responsible people of the society to answer.

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