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How many bristlenose pleco can you keep in a 20 Gallon / 75 Litre tank? Please only experienced answers...

I've never owned fish before but I've always wanted a catfish, but I don't just want a single one alone in the tank and I'm not interested in any other types of fish. I've got a spot I could fit the tank, near a west facing window but not in direct sunlight, but I can't go any larger than 20 Gallon. I've heard Pleco are too territorial toward each other to keep more than one per tank but I thought if they were all introduced at once when young I might be able to get 3 in the tank at most with room to grow and have plenty of hideaways for each? I've also heard they produce a lot of waste? (but so do goldfish and they're incorrectly pushed as perfect starter fish for tiny tanks)

If this sounds like a completely bad idea please tell me because as much as I want a few Pleco I also want whatever fish I get to live in the best possible conditions. If you have any ideas of what fish would be good to start with (that don't include goldfish, betta, or tiny little guppy like fish) I'm open to suggestions!

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One pleco should be kept in a tank that is at least 10 gallons, which means two can be kept in a 20 gallon tank depending on the type. Read more on

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I inch of fish for every gallon to keep a fresh water tanks ecosystem balanced. and you may want you tank to get some sunlight. algae is what they eat. one pleco will get about a foot long in a 20 gallon tank. I would only get two in there.

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