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Our chocolate chip starfish is missing all five middle chips and it is covered with white fuzzy stuff. is it going to die? or can we treat?

We have housed this starfish for over a month and she has been very active and has always been healthy. She eats krill about every 2-3 days. We noticed the spots after she was transfered to another tank ( we took her out of the water for a second ) Which we were told was okay to do by an aquatic guy.

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Sea stars as a whole, do not handle changes in salinity or any other water parameter, for that matter very well. Just a 1 part per thousandth change in salinity performed too fast will result in a stars demise. Changes in brands of synthetic sea salt will also affect your stars health. As is the case with your chocolate chip starfish, it is possible that a recent water change may have had something to with your stars health...One other point that may help you. NEVER, remove a star from the water, which also holds true for sponges, as they are likely to die. These are just some possibilities of what may have happened to your chocolate chip starfish

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Thanks. Is our starfish likely to die? is there anything we can do to help this animal?
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