Why Fox Sports 1 replace Speed TV?

Aren't there more than 5 channels of FOX? Why not Fox make their own channel on an empty channel with no air? Most of their channels are news channels and not sports networks. So why not air their sports on one of their news channels if they just replay the same news over and over? I know I've heard of Velocity TV, but they air nonsense hunting programs that don't have to do anything with automobiles, and it irritates me a lot. I also know they replaced SPEED because they are trying to challenge ESPN for more popularity, and they air all kinds of sports when other sports channels cannot broadcast them at the same time. I also think they replaced it just because they think Football (which is all they ever broadcast and matter about) is better than Racing. It really hurts me to lose a channel for car enthusiasts that football geeks can take over and laugh about it behind our backs. I'm sorry for this being too long, but I wanted to show my feelings to the world of how I cannot live without my daily channel and be stuck with FS1 that have the advantage to take away our passion just for popularity. Any other reasons they took our SPEED? Thanks!

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