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Does anyone know how to play backgammon?

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I do. My dad taught me when I was about five, and I still like to play. Did you need help learning?

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Yes please--I got this app, hoping to learn, and im confused. Ive read the "how to play" thing like fifty times, ive tried to play it out against the computer--its just not working out. I know that each dice move is separate, or you can combine the two, but i dont know how, when you actually move, which spaces are legal to get on--because sometimes i could stay in like the same row and move across, and other times i have to go to the opposite row. I know the goal of the game, and the bearing-off thing when pieces are on the home-side, but its just moving that is my problem. Also, do the colors of the little triangle things have any significance? If you could explain it to me, i would be truly grateful. Its always fun to learn new games.
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Okay, It's been a while so I'll do my best.

I roll the dice and can move one chip a total of both dice, or two chips, one for each die. If you roll double any number, you may move four chips for each value shown on the dice, or two sets of two chips.

**You may land on any colored open triangle, or any colored triangle which has ONE of the opponent's chips on it, at which time the single chip gets sent to the bar. If there is more that one of the opponent's chips on a triangle, you can't land there. Also, if you roll, say, a 4 on one die and a 3 on the other, you have to have a clear space to land on at either 4 or 3, if you wish to move one chip the entire 7 spaces.*** That's the part that sticks most people. You really have to treat each value on the die as a seperate move. (a move of four, and a seperate move of three, not a move of seven)

Once you're on the bar, you have to roll a double to get off, and the corresponding triangle in your opponent's home, which is where you started the game, must be either unoccupied or have only one chip.

Landing off the bar takes one of your four moves and so you have three remaining moves because of your double.

All the pieces have to be in your home section before you can start pulling them off, even if you get sent home once you've already started bearing off.
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Wow, thanks--the "how to play" section didnt even explain some of that. Thanks, again
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