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How many Repels could Ash be using in the anime?

He is hardly ever attacked by wild Pokemon, even in caves. How does he do it?

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I am make similar question with this one some weeks ago, but it removed and i don't know why.
From what i see if there post that say pokemon anime series is bad it will be removed. (on my post i just said what do you think about Ash not saying the anime bad just not really fun as you going older)

Here my answer :
I think the author just wanted Ash to use new pokemon and left his old one somewhere (except pikachu), that make him become weak since he have to start over his pokemon training.
And another funny thing is just like you said he done so many great thing on pokemon battle yet no one know him & he seem to have no strategies on pokemon battle now.
It just like if his brain reset to become newbie again

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Anyway i think, it better to just forget about the Old Ash since he will always reset when he go to other region.
I just accept that pokemon anime series is mainly for kid so don't except Ash to reach his dream to become pokemon master soon, there still long path for him and he won't aged even after we become much more older than now.

Maybe you want to start reading pokemon special / pokespe manga ? The trainer keep their old pokemon, they aging too, ... more mature, and advancing story.

I know we like The Pokemon but the anime series maybe not enjoyable anymore for us.
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Well, it is just a show. I think it's a way for you to get new Pokemon in the game. But yeah I don't get it either

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