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vomiting yellow bile,yellow diarrhea

gallbladder and apendix removed 25 years ago

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I can't remember if I had yellow diarrhea or not, but I did have yellow bile after I started vomiting.

Before I started the vomiting I had the taste / smell of rotten eggs when I burped which I had to do over and over.

I was in Mexico and was never treated for it, but if I was in the States I would have gone to the hospital.

I have never been so sick in my whole life. I felt like I was dying.

The only thing I could do was chew on clean ice chips brought down from the states......which I even eventually threw up for the first day or two.

It cleared up after two or three days, but I think I was lucky. I think if I wasn't as healthy a person as I was, I could have died.

I think what caused me to be sick was that I ate lettuce in a salad that was contaminated with infected water. This wasn't just Montazuma's Revenge!

If you are not getting any better after two days and if you are still vomiting and not being able to keep down some water, you need to get medical help before you dehydrate and possibly go into a coma.

Water is vital to one's survival in times like this due to the dehydration of both diarrhea and vomiting.

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When you say you're vommiting yellow bile, do you literally mean vomiting or might you instead say you were coughing it up (there's a big difference). Also, when you say bile, other than it being yellow, is it fairly thin and watery; or, is it thick, more like phlegm or sputum?

If you're coughing up yellow sputum (as opposed to vomiting yellow bile) with diarrhea, you're most likely looking at one of the following conditions:

- Common cold
- Bronchitis
- Asthma
- Pneumonia
- Cystic fibrosis (highly unlikely)
- Allergies
- Tuberculosis

Regardless, it sounds serious enough that it's worth either calling your health insurance's Nurse line, or, calling your doctor (i.e., one way or another, seeking the advice of a qualified medical professional).

Note: I'm not a medical professional and the above is for informational purposes only.

Hope you feel better soon; please let us know how things turn out!

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Sorry, just to clarify, was asking the clarifying questions above to be helpful, not to take the conversation a different direction; often times people describe their symptoms loosely and being as precise as possible helps clarify the most likely issues.

To that end and assuming you did in fact describe it perfectly, you might also want to look into Bile Reflux (similar conceptual but different than Acid Reflux). Here's an article from the Mayo Clinic on it:
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I think this has something to do with your cholecystectomy. Are you under Welchol or Nexium by any chance? I'm willing to bet your GI tract (like the stomach) has a very high presence of bile. It also sounds like dismotility. I suggest that you have a comprehensive evaluation before jaundice sets in.

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