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Do I have ocd? (details)

when im anxious / bored / stressed im always counting up to 16 or just any number. if ive been sitting in the lounge room in the dark with just the tv on and someone comes in and turns the light on I will get angry and go turn it off. I don't do anything repetitively although when walk up or down stairs i count in twos as i walk. if i do my hair the same everyday but dont do it perfect i do it over and over until it feels perfect to me. i pick up negative things that i don't like about people. im a good drawer and sometimes my drawings are really good but i don't like them. i can't stop doing schoolwork i always get it handed in on time and i'm really smart at english please help?

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No one can tell you that except a trained professional. You may have it; however, you may have some other kind of anxiety, such as generalized anxiety disorder. Treatment is very simple either way, often including cognitive behavioral therapy and an antidepressant (even if you're not depressed). Definitely go see a psychiatrist. FYI--being smart in a school subject has nothing to do with whether you have OCD.

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Thanks, really means alot!
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Everybody has ocd to be honest some just worse then others

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