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Who is excluded under Obamacare? VA, SSA, and private insurers are under threat of termination. Obamacare offers NO alternatives.

mandatory exclusions on Obamacare, veteran's exclusion, SSA-SSI exclusion, no alternate care.

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Nope, matter fact volunteer fire fighters are being threatened right now. Because of the definition of an employee, there is no resolve for this problem yet.

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You should be covered as a county volunteer with full L&I benefits and a death gratuity if you are injured or killed in an emergency.

That WAS under threat until Congresswoman Jaime Herrera-Buettler (R_Wa) got with Mr. Boehner and the Republican Whip to see about that. So far it looks hopeful: you can keep your existing coverage now that Obamacare has been limited yet again so as not to cancel your existing coverage. This was an eleventh hour remedy. there is no telling what else these people will try to slip in to deny you coverage unless you worship Obama as your god.

Remember: that was the original intention of this Marxist bill -- to deny you ALL access to medical care except from Obama personally and his handpicked lackeys. That would have given Obama intimate personal control over your family, and as drunk as Obama always is, that is not a comforting thought.

O-care is still over 2,500 pages long, no one can figure out how to interpret it, and it is so full of big corporation loopholes that smaller businesses would have had to give up ALL coverage -- except that we said that we demand proof that it could work.

They couldn't provide that proof, and we proved differently.

Since then we have remedied most of the evil out of that bill and may remedy even more, but it is an uphill battle, with all the rage and bitterness that democrats are constantly screaming against America.

If someone could get them to get out of the streets, quit smashing windows, and quit yelling racist obscenities, maybe Democrats could be considered less than utterly enmical.
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Yep, I just keep thinking the good side of this. The more these things come to pass, the quicker God comes.
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Veterans and those on SSI and everyone else who works for the government already has government insurance. That's why they are 'excluded'. Their insurance ( and mine) isn't being cancelled! Obamacare is only meant for those who didn't have or couldn't get ANY kind of insurance before. People seem to forget that before Obamacare the cost of treating people without any insurance came directly out of the taxpayers' pockets as hospitals and doctors raised prices to cover the cost of treating the uninsured. Now they won't be able to justify high costs for health care & everyone will benefit from that.

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