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What's the purpose and reasoning behind some people having their dogs (example: pit bulls and Dobbies) ears pinned and tail's docked... Why?

is it a regulation requirement in certain showing rings? what are the historical facts pertaining to either or both of those procedures in certain specific breeds?

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Well, my Dobies ears are cropped and her tail docked, cause that's just the way of things!!

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So what you're telling me is that you basically have no idea why those procedures are preformed but that you personally elected to have the procedures on your Dobie just because it's the popular or the trendy thing to're kidding right? MYou've gotta be "Friday the 13tprancing me
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Ok, tonight is not the night to fck with me, for your information, my dobi was a rescue who already had these procedures completed, now would I elect these procedures on a puppy? Well, when I get one, I'll be sure to let ya know! K!
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Ouch!!! It would appear as though you have very little if any sence of humor at all. It would also appear as though we have something in common.... Tonight is not the night to mess with me either.
So sorry if you were as you appear to be so very easily offended however there are people who would find it terribly offensive as well as disrespectful to reply in such a manner to a question that they are serious enough about to post....most people don't like being made a joke of especially when they're being serious about something... Trying to learn something..
Congrats on the rescue (they're the greatest as I have four- 1 male 14 yr. old Golden, 1 female 4 yr. old Corgie and 1brother 3 yr. old brindle with just one blue eye, and his sister, black and brindle pittbulls (hence my posted question about pinning and docking). In addition 2 rescue cat's (all 6 are house pets and absolutely adored to the core).
You said if you get a puppy you'll let me know if you decide to dock and pin
the new puppies facebook page. Not going to need you to do thatn

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Excuse me, I need to correct myself.... What you said was when you get a new puppy and make a
decision about it's tail and ears that you'd be sure to let me know about it and what I meant to say was that that would not be necessary. Next time try not to offend the offended. That's not necessary either... Just sayin'.
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Some people think they must look like that. I think it should only be permitted if the owner undergoes the same procedure.

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