I saw a show on PBS (it was a unctv station) only once.

beginning i forget what it's called, but the beginning (it was the first show of the series) had a guy, about teenage years, looking into a camera. I remember he was saying something like "Is anyone out there?" or "help!" or something. It was a help call, for sure. -it's an animated show- Anyways in that plot of that episode, he meets a girl who has this 'noun switcher thing', that can change nouns. they're battling a dude who magically MORPH INTO ANYTHING?? (it that show, he turns into a train and tries to kill them) anyways turns out the noun switcher thing is more powerful than he thinks it is. He tries to get food out of a vending matching by turning off the power. BUT ACCIDENTALLY SHUTS OFF THE ENTIRE CITY'S POWER. The girl replaces his 'noun switcher thing' with a smaller version, telling him to practice using it. It ends with him back at the camera, asking for help. Idk what it's called. I just really want to see it again.

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