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What are the symptoms of eye cancer

im scared I might have it

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Symptoms of adult and children eye cancer can be very varied, so I'll give you a few of each.


• blurred vision in one eye
• floaters (small "floating" spots in vision field)
• change in iris color or dark spot on iris
• red and/or painful eye
• bulging eye
• loss of peripheral vision

In the early stages of most eye cancers that affect adults, there usually are no symptoms a person would notice on his own. Early signs are often discovered by a optometrist during a routine eye exam.

Symptoms of Eye Cancer in Children
The most common eye cancer in children is retinoblastoma, a disease that affects 300 children in the U.S. each year. It is usually diagnosed in children 2 and under, but can strike in other ages -- just less commonly.
Symptoms of retinoblastoma include:

• a white pupil (leukocoria)
• misaligned eyes, or "cross eyes" (strabismus)
• eye pain due to development of glaucoma (this is less common)
• different colored pupil in each eye

Of course, I'm no doctor, and my thought's shouldn't be taken as a professional opinion. If you have any worries go see an ophthalmologist. I hope this helps! :)

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You need to see a doctor, then. Explain the symptoms you have and they will diagnose you. You can't self-diagnose using the internet.

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