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How do you no if a boy likes you

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1) He will constantly stare at you
2) He'll "accidentally" bump into you a lot
3) He will make a lot of physical contact with you
4) He will compliment you a lot
5) If he makes a joke and your in the area, he'll glance at you to see if you laughed
6) His friends may start to tease him if you are in the area
7) The drool coming from his mouth
8) He'll ask you out
9) He will make "manly" gestures towards you
10) He will do things for you
11) He will always be there for you
12) He will act nervous around you
13) He will suddenly become interested in what you are interested in, even if he wasn't interested in it before
14) He MAY buy you little things occasionally
15) He will act more gentlemanly towards you than other girls
16) He will try to impress you a lot

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Lol... sounds a lot like me xD
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Oh My Godfather....I think one of my crushes like me back! :D
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Well that sounds splendid !
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I know right xD

Errrp! If he likes me back, I'm just gonna yell, "ERRRRP!" in his face. Don't mom gave me like 2 cups of coffee at her house.
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What does errrrp mean lol ?
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I dunno. I guess it means "I love you" in Bronwyn language......
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Yay! Someone is learning my new language!
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I like how that sounds. Errrrp.
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I know right!
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Don't. Be ugly

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