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My period only lasted a day...why could this be?!?

I just had what I think is my period but it didn't even last a full day...for at least a year I have been on a very regular cycle so I am a bit worried...I have been looking online for possible answers which got me to take a home pregnancy test that came back negative...I should also add that me and my boyfriend have not been using protection for two months...what I want to know is if it is possible that I could be pregnant and took a test to early or could something else possibly be wrong?!?

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Yes, false negative test results are possible.
If you used the test too early, there wouldn't be enough of the pregnancy hormone in your urine to be detected. I recommend getting a 2nd test if/when your period is around a week late & use that test with your first morning P. If present, the concentration of the pregnancy hormone is strongest then.
If the one-day period happened at a time when your period wasn't due, that's not unusual. Sometimes spotting happens between periods, typically not a cause for concern. If it happened when your period was due, it's possible you had a very short period, also not unusual & can happen for many reasons, same as missed periods. Stress, changes in weight, &/or your exercise routine, hormone fluctuations, dietary changes, illness, etc... can all cause you to miss a period, or have a very short one... BUT... since you've been having unprotected s ex...
Get another home test & use it with your 1st morning P. If it's negative again, chances are, you aren't pregnant. If you don't want a baby, please start using reliable protection. :)

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