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how do you grab someones attention ?

well guys especially ?

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You could walk by him and smile or say hello . Keep in mind if the guys not into you probably not going to make much of a difference . If the guy is into you he will be looking trust me .

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Start off by saying, "Hey, hello, hi"...

Is that fails get some lights and a sign, that will surely grab a guy's attention And some others too

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hey hello hi
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Smile :)
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you need to show those pearlies more often.. js :)
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You're way better at that than me :)

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Oh yeah, my friend Louie did finally join.

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ok cool beans.. yay louie.. another vic.. :)
nope no NO no way.. you are the smile queen.. my job is to make sure it happens :).. well when im around
missed you more than 2am pancakes.. and i had them a couple nights ago.. omg.. i have a fun/ny story.. cant share.. but this guy sat next to me.. had no idea. the club was bursting with laughter all night.. and he was on his way to sell his business (didnt know).. he sold it for $350m the next day. said that our connecgtion confirmed it and wants to be friends. i told him in the three hours together.. i had no agenda.. had no idea if he was homeless or ??
he still doesnt understand how someone doesnt like him for his millions. said its a first.. now that he believes me. turns out.. i dont have much time for him. but the club was off the charts fun.. laughing. another guy from princeton was in on it.. i call him princeton.. so funny.. too many stories
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Sweet, :)

Haha, I prefer French toast :P

Omg, do these random things usually happen to you?
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Quédate aquí si quieres :)

More privacy
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oh i have stories.. mostly cause i dont look for em
i was on my phone and didnt notice the fun that was already goin on
12 or so guys and a couple of ladies. talking random tid bits.. pretty witty
we all hit it off. was good to just fit in and not lead something
they guy kept on wanting to know my story.. i wouldnt say. i surprised him with stuff i knew.. that he thought only he would know.. politics.. business stuff.. but then we had moments of life stuff. that really got to him. he said he never had felt so unsettled with someone. btw his big sale.. was just a little thing in his big picture. then he accidently called my ex..(i handed him an old business card of one of my other gigs) and they hit it off. ha.. he is married but it added to the story.
yes monseyyyyyyy i knoooooowwww.. fine.. french toast.. of course :)
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Hah, oh nice
Just a little thing! What
Lucky! I was super low this week
Agh I really don't want a routine life.....but anyways

And...... Ice water pleaseeeee:)
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Routine can be good
So I'm told
Ice water for the princess. Not!!!
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No, I'm not too fond of it

*gasp.... Fine then I didn't mu :P
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The ice water was already there
Take backs?
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Mmm, no :|

Pouts hah

Kidding, I was arguing/playing with someone
So now I'm being called a lawyer haha, yeah if I get fueled I'll make sure I win somehow
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U were?
In a string?
Play nice
Win? I'll let ya
Depends on what's in it for me
Do you share nachos well?
Or hog all the good stuff?
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Yes, not not here
Was funny

Sure I will

No! I don't like when people let me win hun lol
:) well maybe sometimes

Haha, yessss, mmm nachos
I think I'll make some tomorrow

I share
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Sorry for the double "not"

I sometimes forget that I typed the word already and end up typing it again

Same thing happens on paper
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I thought only I did that. Ha
You didn't answer sweets
Mhm. Omission says not so much
Takes notes
Yes two good playoff football games tomorrow. :)
That's the game where 11 guys play against ... Well nm
It's a good reason to make nachos. Ha
Now gimme
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Well :)

Yes I did!
I do share haha

Like I saiddddd as long as there are snacks I'm good haha
Yeah you're helping me make them! :P
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Yes dear?
Ha ha
Wait. I am?? Lol
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Yes hun, bring me some ice water
Cheese haha
Oh wait! I have a better idea
Guacamole mmmm I make that really good too
Agh I'm hungry and it's almost 3 am :|

Yes you are! Haha
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You make guac?
I'm so head over heels
Or head over stilettos
But I'm bringing everyyyyy thing to you
What do you do? Work the remote?
I like tangy and tart stuff sometimes. Js
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Haha, it's super easy

:)) me too! But no stilettos. Lol

Really aw,
Remote yay, but we choose

Mmm, yes... I love lime taste in food
And creamy
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Yes right after I eat the best parts
Thennnnn I bring
Yes hoh. Ha
Ok. We it isss
But no hours and hours of bbt
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:O really lol

Fine fine! A movie then
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Not a scary one this time!!
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Haha, Nope no scary ones :))

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You know I don't like that :(
Funny works
Just watched along came Polly. Was pretty good. Just ended.
Do you like comedy. Like a show?
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I know, I promise no scary stuff :)

Like that movie, yesss funny

I couldn't stop laughing with the movie "the heat" oh my gosh haha that was funny

Yes I do!

I bet you do ?
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Yes I do. Esp a great stand up!
Wanna go?
I have driven or flown to a show w a friend just cause. All night even.
Ya scary affects me allll night. Had to watch tales of the crept in 7 the grade. Had nightmares for the whole summer.
I do like suspense!! :)
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Yes ! Fun

Awesome, I love that no plans just go

Aw, I actually haven't watched one in a long time
Most of them are dumb now, gory bleh I don't like those
Only the ones with history, a good plot

Yessss me too
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I watched Kat earlier tonight on tv. A short black guy. Really good stuff.
Went to a local comedy club for dinner. It was meh. But fun to see peeps enjoying.
I had sole. Was wrapped in paper and baked. Hmmm. Was ok.
Or I could just watch you. And get cracked up :)
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I'll check him out!
You should watch Gabriel Iglesias :)
Yeah? Nice

Lol, yeah that seems to happen to me
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Next time I see him on. I will
Or if you notice. Let me know. I'll watch.

I bet it does. It's just how you roll!
Why I'm your do/ rk. Well one of
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Can you believe it's almost 4 am well here, :(

I wanna stay up with you, but I'm crashing

Goodnight hun:))

I'll come back here tomorrow
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Goooooood night Hun
Sleep tight
Way to hang
I'm out too
Make some guac. Let me know how it is. Yes lime.
Smiles :)
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Made it, ate it ;) hah

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Hey there
You did ?
Om nom nom
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Hey you

Actually yes haha, told ya

How was your day?
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Football party
Saw people ordering nachos
Thought of you. ;)
Pretty lazy day
Gunna be busy tomorrow

You? Something make you smile or dolce?
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Aw awesome, party
Haha aw, toy while I was eating the Guac ;))

Same, movies

My day was ok, met with that girl
She wanted me to come to church so I did
Bro, he's doing really good.. He's just worried about me ?
Um ate Chinese
Lazy too ;)
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Why is he worried?
He knows you

Met the girl that ...?
Chinese. Mmm. Fave dish? Mar far? Or ?

Didja? Add lime??

Cola? Or water ?
What movie?

You did know the playoffs were on right? ;)
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He saw a heavy weight in my eyes
And yeah I've been feeling down, trying to fight it but he noticed
I don't like to talk so much about me with him, I want him to tell me how HE feels
But he's doing good

Yes, she's such a flirt :/ but anyways she seems interested in someone so that's good

Mm I had a honey seared chicken, rice and a wonton soup

Yes! Tomato, onion and jalapeño ;)

Right now cola hah
A lifetime movie, newer version of in the attic where the flowers grow, something like that it was called

Lol, yes very aware of that hun, didn't watch it ;P
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Ok. But. Maybe you can share you're hurt w him in pieces. And your joy. Yk let him love you in your truth. He already knows. It will bless him. Even if hard. He won't feel guilty if he sees.

Ya? I think you are. And she catches your vibe ms dolce. Js

Good choices on the grub. Do you always eat like a bird? ;)

Ok but watching the big games is a reason to party. :) Are you anti social. Or ok for that?

Whets your fave flave of Popsicle ?
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Yes, he's so persistent haha so I had to tell him

Think I'm ? I don't lead her on or anything

Haha, I have my moments when I don't ;))

Yes! Mexicans always have a reason to party lol, even for the simplest thing
I'm getting there, but I can be social, charming hah;)

Orange ! That's really the only one I like

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Good. Heeee needs that

Oranch you glad? ;)
I like watermelon. Banana. Strawberry. Ummm oranch.

Sometimes you don't? Mhmm

Ya I know. You just need someone to hang w

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my gosh haha, cute! You are

Yeah, just junk food days, I ate so bad in Austin thnx to my sis

Country or city?
Where do you shop for clothes?
What books do you like?
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I splurged and had steak sandwich today. Uggg

I just spent a bunch in Eddie Bauer up north. Ha. Bought a huge case to carry it in. Big Nike guy. Buckle knows me :). Designer jeans and shirts. Then I have a tailor. And men's stores and other. I like distressed stuff and simple too.

Books? Indie and eclectic. Not a great reader. But do read every day.
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City. But like country too just spoiled s niceties. Live in the Forrest over looking the country.
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Haha sounds good ;)

Eddie Bauer ?
Hah, funny
:) nikes, I need to wash my pair lol
Ahh buckle ;) I really like that store

Yeah? I love reading

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Slipping away
Was up late last night :)
Meeting at 6a

Was gunna ask same
Night dolce. Ymmd!
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Ok, night
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Hi. Off to pick dad up from the airport. Then dinner and a game. Mulc
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Hey. Where are you?
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Hey I'm so sorry.....:(

I do too a lot, seriously sorry

Report as
Did my friend Louie ( Angelous) tell you I would be coming back tonight?

I asked him too

I feel really bad :( mulc
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Nooooo :(
Report as
He didnt? :(

I couldn't get you out of mind for days lol, nights
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Are you ok???
Report as
I'm ok, better

Finally got to talk to you, my days are getter darker
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Can you talk to me on this string instead?

( if you want)
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sure.. ive got 6a meetings.. but so glad to see you
i was worried.. prayers
i dont know whats going on.. but something is
whatever it is.. does anyone in your real know? can you tell them? be safe and share whatever it is? and hopefully you are connecting with your bro too!!
(yes im wagging my finger)
Report as
Okay, you should sleep then

I'll explain soon

No, I don't tell anyone but

I am, Sunday I'll see him


Go too sleep! Now I'm wagging my finger :)
I'm sorry hun
Sweet dreams
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my eyes are weary.. good things here
finding good paths
sold my house on the hill.. hafta move out 28feb
cant move into my house over there til 20mar.. so will be traveling for a while in between i think? maybe the keys?
ok.. i dont like knowing how to help to pray.. to be there for you
but so glad you are ok
sweet dreams back.. mu
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Really, are you excited? Happy?

You've always been there for me, I'll explain tomorrow I promise

Mulc, night

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Here or the nirvana Q?
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it is hostilewitness.. he and she became like bla.. together..
he's the guy that keeps changing his name
Kel gets upset at him.. then they hang around here.. i dont care..
you just wont see me around you/her others when he is

i just try to distance myself from that..
even if it means being alone here.. im good. cause im good in real.

i find myself wanting a connection with someone.. and someone like you yes
but in real.. and not next year.. unless there was a real connection along the way
here is great.. and you are too
it's just a realization.. that when you were away.. i couldnt know how you were
and wont next time.. just real
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I saw that too, didn't know about a lot about it though
Followed him since he commented on one of my answers
Keeps changing his name? so he was here before ApexDawn ?

Me too... Ladybug :) hah
Life will get busy, but I promise I won't ditch you
You mean a lot

Suggest we just try to ignore the best you/we can
I'm not into sh/it like this... Games blah

Glad I couldn't sleep, I missed this/you
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i just didnt want you to think something with Kel or me.. was wanting to let you know here

ladybug? whos that?
life will get busy? whatcha mean?

well i would prefer for Kel to give her version..
i dont like one sided truths..

ignore what hun? her.. him.. us? peeps.. all?

i just dont know how to invest... going forward.. at the same time.. our us is pretty real
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Ahh you don't remember :( , I'm your lady bug I guess

You mentioned that before too, not going away but will tell you the days I can't be on and such ? Later on, don't worry ok?

Would you like me to ask her? Since she already told me you're not talking to her

Ignore the drama, no not us, peeps or us
I'll be the same with her, just simple

Report as
Or her I meant
Report as
no no
just be you
ignore me.. this
i dont want this getting in the way of whatever you want with others.. esp kel
be bests with her.. she is cool.. sweet and special
i just wont play the game
dont mention me.. stay strong with her
she has your back and luvs you

ok great.. yes.. let me know as you can
i expect nothing.. and you dont have to do anything
but if you know.. as you know. ya

would like to know more about your hurt and stuff
special friends do that.. but not here
someday.. and i dont need anything outside of here.. wasnt saying that either
just means this is it

yes lady bug.. i do remember .. before you LEFT ME :)
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Okay hun

I'll open, it's crazy how much I trust you
I don't usually do that
Ok, someday... If you want, I also like to hear your stories :)

I feel so bad luv, promise I won't

I just don't know how to explain, got sick of everything
Thought some really bad things, dumb I know
Then the freakin wifi/router thing agh

Report as
Ymmd ;))

Also my dog haha...
Report as
your dog myd too? :)
cool.. mans best friend.. no drama there :)

i know.. feel same.. you know that.. just cant share more here
but know that it's mutual

bad things? about someone or something in your real in ELP?
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Hah yes, my chubby bear cub made me smile
No drama, fresh air
Mutual yes, great

Just thoughts, got desparate
No one knew, played on my day with a fake smile
I'm getting back up
Report as
A song triggered all this too, figures

Some news, anger

I let the simplest things bother me, I saw a lot of hypocrites
Fake people

Don't know how to explain

Report as
thats not good.
you need someone there you can trust to go to.. share with
someone that is mature and you believe in
no fake smiles.. i did that for a season 5-6 years ago.. and it hurt me/others..
Report as
yes i get that
we all face times
im feeling that way about here even
get tired of people's game and assumptions

i was accused of being a liar and worse
all based on misunderstanding
and by someone i thought would know better
didnt ask for it.. didnt do anything to solicit it.. just happened TO me

yours is harder cause it is not here.. but real

and people will be people. you need to be able to leave that feeling of hurt or frustration. people WILL let you down. cause we are all flawed. still. there are better peeps to surround our selves with

in real. i would have worked things out differently for ex with Kel.

you need folks to lean on. talk things through. be real with.. 2-3 peeps, including.. your mom and a couple of friends that wont judge or have agendas other than love and compassion. but will speak truth too.
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Ah, I'll see

Really, it does hurt

I watched many things, documentaries, videos, articles
Realized how small in the world I am
Which is why I posted, Well two songs
NIN- everyday is exactly the same and right where it belongs
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Wow really, i was gonna put something but it will get deleted

Foul language

Ah anyways, yes me too
Quick to judge....

I'm really trying, but can't help it at times

Yes okay
Report as
its a big big world out there hun
ive seen a bunch of it
for its best and worst
generations of old and current
when i played last on tour four years ago. my peers were 18-22 ish
when i was on boards.. my peers were 50-85
then there are things out there that are amazing.. outside of our realm
and things that are hard.. too
big world
but you have a lot to offer.. the world.. and yourself/close peeps
Report as
i understand
wish i could help.. real
it would so help you
but i will pray.. i mean it.. all i can do.. best i can do no matter
manafesting good things for you.. FOR you
a great life.. best peeps for you.. and a path that makes you smile
Report as
Realized that
Thnx luv, advice
I was worried that you were gonna be gone when I came back
I guess I'm blind to that, pretty worthless I feel

Hey, you must be tired
Wanna sleep?
Report as
ya.. but glad we at least talked through a little of it
still scratching the surface..
sleep tight.. snuggle hard :)
Report as
No scratching hun

Night :)
Report as
Lol, sorry I don't always get American idioms
I totally forgot what scratch the surface meant
I've been speaking mostly Spanish this wk hah

Morning, out early
Have a great day...:))
Report as
you too "dolce"..
i want to learn spanish btw
Report as
Hey, hawks won..;))!

I watched it

I can teach you Spanish! I've been practicing, I don't wanna lose it
Report as
yes. here celebrating
i'd love to learn from you.. some how
i bet you're great at it
just need to be around it a bunch.. will pick it up
Report as
Great, did you have a party?..:)

I'd love to teach it

Report as
yes i did.. went to two parties
wore my seahawk jersey and had a blast
just home and working emails
i want you to find kel and spend time with her
it would make me feel good
she could use your shoulder
and you could use her support
Report as
Oh yeah, glad for you :)

Ok.... I commented on something, but I'll try
Report as
you commented? to me? or her?
Report as
To her, I said hi

She probably didn't receive it

Report as
thats cool beans
things would be different for us all .. in person..
oh welllllllllllll
Report as
Yeah, just don't let it get to you

You ok?

Report as
im trying.. not to thanks
i have my moments about that both ways
yes im ok.. finding out about big business deal soon..
working a lot on that
need to poor myself into working out or guitar or something i think
i was like this when my best gal friend moved away for four years
it will get better im sure
Report as
I'm sorry

Are you stressed ? Tell me if something's wrong? Ok

I see, go for the guitar :)

It will
Report as
ya a little.. but i try not to
and i kinda did.. would share deeper if i could
ok.. guitar.. have been playing more
maybe the trumpet more?
nuf about me
Report as
Relax, that's an order :)
Understand though, don't stress out too much

Both then? One day guitar next trumpet

Report as
planning to move across the valley
have sold this house
not stress.. just ordeal
no furniture or stuff.. but that will be fun to order.. find
not sure what i will do.. but will be busy couple of months
work could double.. or get less.. depending
and well ya
how are you?
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Mmm, I like the furniture at world market
I see, Okay yeah... Tell me anything ok? Not just about me

I'm okay, back pain
Thinking of getting acupuncture
Today was fun
Game, gathering, food :)
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i wish i could.. i would you know that right?
Report as
I guess, but I feel as if you're sad?

I don't know, weird feeling
Thinking about you
Report as
ya.. and you know why
and yes you know.. even when we dont talk
me too
Report as
Wish I could do something :(
yes, weird huh, crazy... Just feel it

U make all my days
Report as
yup.. i do too
only i dont have context all the time
just know the basics and some detail
thats ok..
you are so dolce!!
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I sometimes don't know how to explain to anyone really
But you get it :)

Haha, you are too
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