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Can I close a joint account with a bank levy placed on it?

I have a joint checking account that a bank levy was placed on approximately three years ago. The levy was for my boyfriend and placed by the IRS. The problem is the bank is telling me I can't remove my name from the account. I switched my direct deposit to another account and the account has a zero balance. This is not closing it however and I have to pay 5 dollars a month or risk overdraft fees. Is there anyway I can get my name removed from this account?

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Your bank is wrong. If the IRS levy was NOT in your name, but in the name of your boyfriend, then you certainly can remove your name from the account. Never talk to the peons at the branch. Speak to the manager, demand to see a copy of the levy and if your name is not on it, have him remove you from the account.

If that does not work, your free option is to call your local newspaper or tv station. Everyone hates the banks lately, and this will be another example of their stupidity.

You can always have a lawyer take care of it for you, and sue them in the process for their stupidity.

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The bank was instructed to freeze all accounts belonging to her boyfriend. They can't do anything to the account without court (or IRS, assuming it's an IRS levy) approval.
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You can't close the account but you do have some options. You will most likely have to go to court to have the courts instruct the bank to allow you to be removed from them account.

It's best to always keep separate accounts.

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