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would you buy a Chevy s10 or the Colorado z71 4x4

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If it were me I would get the S10 but that doesn't mean you should. I just think the Colorados are ugly. You should check them both out and decide which one fits your needs and which one you like.

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so does the s-10 come in v-6 what year? i like the crew cabs do the Colorado come only 5 cycl,, what about the gmc sonoma ,,
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thx for the info
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Chevy still has not nailed down the 4
Cylinder -
A Toyota will run for 200,000 +
S10 -
Lucky to get 100,000-
Go foreign for 4 cylinders
Go USA - for 8 -
Are up for debate -
If I had a choice -
The Colorado - or an s10
It would be the colorado
S10's are through away pieces of
Garbage -
Only the older square ones are any good-
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I'm not sure which years the S10 came in V6. I think at least all of the more recent years.
I just think a 5 cylinder engine is kind of weird and anything less than 6 just isn't enough. Also I don't like the fender line or really any of the lines on the Colorado. That's just personal taste though. I would check out consumer reports and car and truck magazines if I was seriously considering either one.
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I think GMC is pretty much the same as Chevy.
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Yes, consider Sheldon Coopers comment on this question and read my comment on his. A lot depends on how you're going to use the vehicle and how serious you are about 4 wheel drive. I really wouldn't think you'd want to do what I said in my comment to him but there are better vehicles than either the S10 or the Colorado. Toyota is definitely one.
Do your research before you spend your money.
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Anything other then an s10. !!!

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The S10s aren't that great. The only way I would want one especially if it was a 4X4 is if I changed the running gear. I would put an LS engine in it and upgrade the tranny, transfer case and both differentials. Yes that's an awful lot of work just to get a decent S10 but I'm kind of a car nut and I was answering between the choices given.
The older Toyota 22R engines are very reliable but I had an 87 Toyota with the 22RE and I wasn't impressed. It was underpowered and had a problem with blowing head gaskets. It had a single roller timing chain instead of a double roller like the 85 and earlier 20 and 22R. But for 4 WD I like fuel injection and automatic transmissions. Toyota is a much better 4X4 vehicle but if you put an automatic behind a 4 banger that's really going to make it even more gutless. To tell you the truth I do wish I had my 87 Toyota back but with either an LS engine and L80 transmission or a Lexus V8 with the duel OHC and comparable transmission. Yes again a lot of work and not inexpensive but like I said I am a car nut and with either of those combos you would really have something cool and unusual and the LS engines are very reliable and fuel efficient with lots of power. If I'm out in the woods I want something that's going to make it there AND BACK!
There are easier and more practical ways to go but I like something unusual. That's just me though. I wouldn't advise anyone else to do that unless they were crazy like me.
Anyway, you get a star because I think you told it like it is.
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Thank u -
And I have a 97 Nissan hardbody
And I'm kind of a nut also -
Body dropped it 3 inches and
Air bagged it -
There is nothing like dragging the frame going 90 -
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no go ck out consumer reports and buy toyota tacoma

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get an F150 or a ranger.

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