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If you get stars for an answer, and then the question is removed, do you lose those stars (number) in your profile?

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no u keep the stars ..Woohoo :)

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Headache finally went away. Thanks. :)
I am still tired, though.
How about you?
I'm going to take a little break, so I will check back later to see if you respond. :)
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I'm glad ur headache went away.:)
uh yeah I'm good .had a incredibly boring day...and when i left .i came home to find lucky licking his stitches.>:(
so I'm just here keeping an eye on him....:)
lol.he's grounded agian :p
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Well, that sucks that your day was boring. Mine was nothing spectacular if that helps any. :)
Ooh, that's not good. So, the cone thing is off or did he figure a way around that?
Haha Grounded. :)
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lol it helps :)
especially that u would say that
somebody must have taken it off and put it back on to loose..cause it was laying beside his happy lil butt :p
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Awesome. :)
Thanks. :D
No, Lucky is slick and sneaky. He totally took it off himself when nobody was looking. He just couldn't figure out how to put it back on properly.
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he wouldve been able to figure it out.. if he wouldve stopped licking himself. lol he got sidetracked :)
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Ahaha Too funny. :) Silly. :)

Hey, I will talk to you later, okay? Night. :)

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lol I'm kidding , of course its ok
good night :)
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Why are you crying there?
Or is that what you are kidding about? :)
P. S. I like your "woohoo" in your original answer there. :D
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Duh, that is it. I got it. I need to sleep. :)
Night. :)
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night :)
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No, you keep your stars.

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You keep them ... If they took 'em away for deleted answers I'd only have HALF the Stars that I have now! Haha

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same here!
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