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How can i solve this equation?

Solomon’s Shoe Store sells women's shoes for $54 a pair and men's shoes for $85 a pair. Last week the store sold four times as many women's shoes as men's. Total sales were $6,321.

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Let w = no. of women's shoes
m = " " men's "
1) w = 4m (4 tmes as many women's)
2) $54w + $85m = $6,321
Substitute 1) into 2) for w and solve
54(4m) + 85m = 6,321
216m + 85m = 6,321
301m = 6321
/301. /301
m = 21, so w = 4(21) = 84
There were 21 pairs if men's shies and 84 pairs of women's shoes sold.
(please comment if I can help more)

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Take $54, add 4335 to that number, once done so get the average.
Take the average and multiply it by $6,321, then divide by 10.
Take the decimal and convert it to a fraction.
Take the fraction and divide by the amount of women you love
Convert it to a percentage.
Problem Solved :), I am glad I could help!

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how shoudl i find the average
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