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Can I get charged with having food in bags on the reservation in az, they said it was aiding and abetting

I got arrested for having food in plastic bags on the reservation, I am 17 I was in the car but was not driving, they said it was aiding and abetting illegals but we did not get caught with any illegals we were just past the checkpoint with bags of food? please help I feel like I should kill myself now

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There are alcohol regulations if that is your case. You can't purchase more than a certain amount. I don't know if it is illegal just to carry though.
If there was no alcohol then it is just ridiculous. You can talk to a lawyer and sue them for good.

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There was no alcohol it was just food in side of a lot of bags in the trunk and they said I can get up to five years. They said I was aiding and abetting illegal aliens?
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Illegal aliens means illegal immigrants. They thought you were a food mule for some people being there illegally. In Arizona it is not an entirely baseless assumption but it is still a completely callous behaviour to act on such presumption. You won't get any jail time, they were just trying to scare you. If you there would be a possibility for you to face five years, they would have kept you in. I'm sorry to hear what you have been going through. Unfortunately there are a lot of "bad guys" within the police department too. You should definitely write a complaint about them. And if they have confiscated anything, you can sue them for financial and emotional retribution.
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You don't think they'll lock me up?
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Not from aiding and abetting. As you said, there was no one you were aiding or abetting. Even if there was, you should have been caught on act or the people you were aiding or abetting should confess, for that to be a valid accusation. Obviously they said that to scare you off, I don't know why maybe they just wanted your food or they don't like you.
The only way they can lock you up is if there would be a law that says carrying a lot of food in reservation is illegal. Reservation laws can be very unique so I can't be hundred percent sure but I haven't heard any laws like that. And even if there would be a law like that, they can charge you with a fine for it. You should understand that five years is considered long-term jail time. This is a jail time that you would get from major crimes like murder, theft, physical assault etc.
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Alright thanks it been putting a lot of stress on me.
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