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Is there a hypoallergenic hair dye?

im allergic to permanent hair dye is there anything type out there i can use, temporary works but its so messy and never lasts long

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Yes! You can try plant-based dyes, but you're limited. Lush is a nice henna brand - henna does shades of red (you know, henna for henna tattoos?) but it can be mixed with cassia (pale yellow) and indigo (blue-black) for shades of blonde to dark brunette. Though with using henna, there are some things to be concerned about:
1. You can't make your hair *lighter* only darker unless you bleach. Henna pigment binds to the outside of your hair shaft so it creates a layer of color to mix with the natural color of your hair.
2. It is permanent! You can't use dyes to get rid of it, it has to grow out. Indigo + bleach = green hair, and bleaching out henna will just fry your hair.

The good news is that henna is also a hair conditioner of sorts - binding to the hair makes your hair stronger and thicker. You can also add henna over and over to get the shade you want, without worrying about frying your hair... just keep in mind it will get darker each time. Most people love henna because it is so much more natural looking than box dyes and retains the natural variations in your hair.

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Manic Panic is also an awesome brand of vegan semi-permanent dye, but you have to be careful because they are some *very* vivid colors (like electric blue!) so make sure you pick exactly what you want.
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i have used manic panic before but it washes out too quickly, is there any rick with the henna or it washing out or rubbing off on anything? im a fairly dark burnette right now but id prefer darker or even black hair
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maybe a purpleish color
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Henna doesn't really wash out, no. All pigments fade with time and abuse, though, so things like spending lots of time in the pool can certainly fade it. The dye **will** stain your skin if you're not careful when applying it, leaving it nice and orange. :P Otherwise unless you're allergic and besides what I've already mentioned, the only risk is not liking it.

It's a plant, and the dye is in the leaves, but you mix it up into a paste and let it sit in your hair. The longer you let it sit, the more dye gets to your hair. You can mix lemon juice or other acid to get the leaves to "release" the dye better. There's lots of advice on places like,, and just Googling around.

You can get black hair - like, super dark raven black - by doing a 100% henna application and then doing a 100% indigo application. Mixing the two makes it brown (different amounts makes different shades), but doing one then the other leave the solid black of the indigo... indigo can't bind to hair well so it has to bind to the henna.
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you can go to a local hair store or even a pharmacy and ask do they have types of hair dyes you want

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