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When making a bow in east Texas what is the best wood. Also include in your answer which you like better longbow or recurve bows.

I'm 14 and I'm hand carving a bow for my cousin for Christmas. also if you have any links or videos on how to make a good bow that would be much appreciated.

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Got it.
From what I'm reading, to laminate and bend one like you asked earlier you would probably use hickory and bamboo. Both are available here but pretty pricey. To simply carve one you could get a chunk of ash. Much easier. Could probably laminate and bend one of those too. You're going to need a 7ft piece of ash called 14 quarter that is at least 3 inches wide. Note: 14 quarter is theoretically around 3 1/2" thick but could have imperfections getting it closer to 3 1/4. You're shooting for a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" chunk of ash. Special order for sure. You're gonna have to find a mill close to you to get this material for a reasonable price. I'll call my mill tomorrow and see who's down there by you that can help. I've actually got some left from a job I did a couple of years ago but I can't remember what I paid... Sorry. Pretty cool. Think I may make one too. I knew I was saving it for something... Lol. I'm gonna keep reading on this and get back with you. Doubt you'll be done by Christmas. Sounds like a ton of work. Good luck. I'll email you more links as I go, so be sure and check your email. I want to know how this thing turns out.

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Thanks I have good access to hickory trees in the woods would that be enough? If it isn't I will check into the white ash and I was afraid I wouldnt be done by Christmas. Thanks again
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2 reasons
1- the wood must be dried. With a kiln or naturally which takes a very long time. Wood contracts and expands when drying and bleeds sap.
2- from what I've read last night, hickory is used in laminating bows in layers mixed with other woods like bamboo. They do it to get the best of both worlds. Basically sandwiching a piece of hickory between 2 pieces of bamboo. Hickory is strong and stiff but I believe would break on its own while bamboo is more bendable and won't snap.
I did read some for beginners can be made of oak and maple, but ash is close to the same price in Texas so what's the point?
I haven't found a mill by you yet but I'm looking.
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I sent u another email I thought. Keep in touch. You got my # off my email if it's easier to talk. I'm pretty psyched about this. I wanna built a few of them. Maybe even sell online. Why not? I get unbelievable prices on hard woods. Also soft woods like pine and populus will not work!!!!!
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Go to YouTube and search bow making for beginners. Saw some good stuff there also.
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