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Why am i having menstrual cramps after my period

I had my period about a week from today (3/10/11) but yet for the past few days I have been having cramps similar to that of menstrual cramps. I have never experienced this before. Along with that my breast are super sensitive to the smallest touch and feel rather heavy.
About 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex and took plan b about 36 hours later. The next night I had unprotected sex again. A week later was when I got my period. Just thought I would add that information.
I am not on birth-control and have never been pregnant. I have irregular periods as well. I am 18.
Any ideas of what might be happening to me? I am at a loss.
Could I be pregnant even though I took plan B?

I am not asking for your judgment I just want an answer to my questions. Thank you.

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Yes, it is possible that you could be pregnant but it's not likely. You should probably make an appointment with a doctor if you keep experiencing the stomach cramps. If you took plan B and then continued to have unprotected sex then you can definitely be pregnant but if you just had a period then you probably aren't, if you think you are then make an appointment at planned parenthood or your regular doctor.

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Also to having minor or major cramps is kinda normal on a period

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I understand that but I already had my period. I've had premenstrual cramps not "post"mentrual cramps. That's where the confusion lies.
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Really it depends on the body it's self, yeah it normal for any kind of cramping to ease off in a week but what I have heard it can sometimes go on for a little bit more longer, if you are young you shouldn't have any cramping for more than a week when you period start but idk how old you are
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Lol my bad I saw your ago, all I can tell you is exercise and if you are in stress or depression that might be the clue
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