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Is there anything i can do? ( read below)

i went back to japan a few weeks ago to visit my family. when i showed up at the house, a girl (i had no idea who she was) ran up and kissed me. i was seriously surprised and had to pretend to drop my luggage on my foot to get her to stop. i asked who she was and what she was doing in my parents house. the words she would say scared the hell out of me. she said that she was my fiance and took of deeper into my parents house. I instinctively called out for my brother and he came running down the stairs. " i see you've met your future wife,big brother." he said. " how do i have a fiance, i never proposed to anyone?!" " i know you haven't proposed but i thought you knew about our arranged marriages,big brother? mother and father have found the perfect wife for you and they say they are close to finding one for me." he said grinning. i was just plain scared out of my mind. i was ready for marriage. i still hadn't even finished college. i spent three weeks there trying to convince my parents not to make me get married. no luck. im back in the states but i need help. they sent her over seas with me (my fiance) and shes crashing at my dorm. please help!

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I hadn't realised how many Japanese marriages were still arranged.
Congratulations on your unexpected betrothal. 8<{

It seems you have good news and bad news. The good news is that she's enthusiastic, the bad news is that, at age 17, you appear to have a wife waiting for you. By Western standards, that's a bit young.

They sent the girl back to the States with you and she's crashing in your dorm? As we say in Tokyo, "Yeah, right."

If your question is genuine and you're really in this situation, ultimately you're going to have to make some decisions. Do you intend to marry her? Will you refuse, and possibly split with your family? If you refuse will they continue to pay for your US education? Which do you prefer to lose -- the education or the fiancée?

Whatever you decide, think of the girl. Her feelings are just as important as your own and, truthfully, she shouldn't have been sent back with you (if she was) without some assurances. Make up your mind quickly and act on your decision.

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it is genuine and no i dont want a marriage i dont even have a house how woud that work. man i need a good answer fast
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Nobody can help but yourself leon. You know better than I how "traditionalist"
Japanese can become fixed in their ideas. You're going to have to strike a blow for the new generation, and just say No.

But it's likely to cost you big-time in your relationship with your family.
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majorly uh why do i have such bad luck
Report as are an adult..if you let your parents pick your wife, what else will they decide for you. Nicely tell them no go.The girl will get over it..We are talking marriagfe..there are too many divorced people with innoncent children as the end product. Good luck...
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toni: It's not that simple. 30% of Japanese marriages are still arranged. It wouldn't sit well in the US or Oz, but he's got lots of things to think about before telling his parents that.

I worked for Japanese companies for 12 years and some of the more traditional types are very hard to shift when they become too entrenched in their ideas.

There's also the problem that they believe that their system is the best. And given our Western divorce rate of 50%, who's to say they're wrong?
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uh im so screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn arranged marriages
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Just say that you don't feel comfortable with her staying with you and if she doesn't agree to leave call the cops. Whatever it takes for you to talk to your parents and straighten out everything

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talking ain't gonna help and this girl has no were to go
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