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How to get help paying for fentanyl patch

Sr needs med but cant afford.Where can I find help for him?

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This is a very tricky one to address because various options may exist helping you meet the costs (assuming you don't have insurance) depending on why it's being prescribed to you and in what context (for pain management, at a clinic, etc.). You should consult and be very candid with your doctor about all of your concerns, including affordability (there may be more affordable alternatives that achieve the same desired effect of fentanyl). Please don't take offense to this (I don't know who you are, make no assumptions about you, etc., and am simply trying to steer you in the best and safest direction), but do not, not, attempt to "order" this medication online and without a valid and legitimate prescription. Fentanyl is a very powerful, synthetic opioid narcotic, and unless you are accustomed to the medication and taking it under close medical supervision, the risks far outweigh any perceived benefits. It is also highly addictive. Again, in no way am I passing judgement on you--if anything, I assume you have a need for the patch that is both warranted and urgent. Just be safe and prudent. If you're in a good deal of physical pain for whatever reason, there are medical professionals, facilities, and services designed to help you. (I only hope you don't live in some place where these things are scarce, though I doubt that's the case.) So again to sum up: nothing "shady" online, consult your physician and explore alternatives if acceptable and appropriate, and explore any social services in place for those suffering from debilitating and chronic pain. And most significantly, use (or continue to use) fentanyl sparingly and with a great deal of caution: this is an extremely potent drug that must be handled with care. This risks and consequences of misuse are too great to take lightly. Best of luck to you.

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Look at the website of the manufacturer. Sometimes they have programs available to help people who can't afford these things.

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