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Had a no-fault accident in which my foot was broken. how much money will i receive form the insurance company?

i have limited tort and cannot file a suit against the individual, but her insurance will compensate me for my pain and suffering. i will now have to attend a gym or participate routine workout for the rest of my life (am 21 years old, have been in physical therapy for a year now) in order to preserve my posture and alleviate constant pains. does anyone have any guideline as to how the insurance companies compensate for injury? this has been going on since last February.

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You are supposed to contact the insurance company immediately after the accident. Make sure that you read your insurance policy and understand it before so that you will know the coverage policy you wish to claim. Check out

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i did all of that, all of my medical bills and pt is paid for by them. no worries there. i was looking more for an estimate of how much i will receive for the accident, all time and lost work considered. i should talk to a lawyer, but cannot afford one, and, most pennsylvania lawyers will not accept an individuals' accident case who has limited tort. thank you though.
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Erica. I can't be much help, but what you wrote is confusing. Limited tort means you have waived the right to sue a negligent driver for pain and suffering, but somehow the other insurance is going to pay for it? That seems contradictory. I think you need to talk to your insurance person to understand what your policy does and doesn't cover. Your insurance premiums were reduced about 40% with limited tort. This is why an attorney won't take your case. I'm not sure what you are suing for since you waived your right to do so. It was your choice to be underinsured.
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limited tort waives the right to sue the individual, as in, the person driving who hit me with her car. i can't go after her personally, but i am still entitled to compansation from her insurance company themselves. and since is was a no-fault accident, her insurance company must pay for my recovery, this is why we have auto insurance at all. i'm not trying to sue anyone. I hope this clears things up. see, i barely understand it myself, though i was told by her insurance that i would be compensated for my injury, and what not. all of that i have already taken care of, my question is how much i can expect them to pay me based upon the severity of the injury, and the time i have lost do to it., when i am finally ready to settle. i was wondering if there was an online instrument to calculate such things.
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@joanie46 and for the record, it was not my choice to be under insured. the company that i work for owned the car and therefore provided the insurance and i was merely a listed driver. im sure you can understand my frustrations.
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