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How do you get rid if a cyst on your face

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* Use a heating pad: Apply a heating pad directly on the cyst for 20 to 30 minutes three to four times a day. Do this for up to 10 days and see if the cyst gets smaller. Some cysts contain sebum, which melts under high temperatures, and gets reabsorbed and processed by the body. Take note that this method will not work if your cyst doesn't contain hardened sebum. Have your doctor examine your cyst to determine its contents.
* Clean the cyst daily: Wash the cyst and the surrounding skin with an antibacterial soap every day to prevent infection.
* Never squeeze the cyst: Never squeeze, puncture, drain, or scratch a lump because this can cause infection or severe bleeding. This may also push the infection deeper into the skin if the lump is already infected.
* Bandage an infected cyst: Draining pus from an infected cyst can cause infection in surrounding areas. To avoid further complications, apply a bandage on the infected cyst, and change the bandage daily. Consult your doctor immediately if the cyst becomes more swollen and painful.
* Avoid using oily skin care products: Oily skin care products may cause complications to your sebaceous cyst, since they may further clog your pores with sebum and dead skin cells. As much as possible, avoid these products, and choose ones that are oil-free.
* Avoid too much sun exposure: ?Milia? are miniature sebaceous cysts composed of deep-seated whiteheads that don't come to the surface of your skin. They are common in older women and in men with too much sun damage on their temples and cheeks. Avoid excessive sun exposure to prevent the formation of milia on your skin.

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On my cheak
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Excellent & very thorough advice. Yes, Adam, this is what you would do for a cyst on your cheek.
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Personally? I'd prolly try to pop/lance it because I am a picker.
You should prolly see a doc.

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