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How do you get Rayquaza in pokemon black version

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After beating the Elite 4, talk to the 8th Gym Leader in their gym and they will say: Hi there, oh yeah, there have been sightings of a Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Unova, why did it come, to stop N and Ghetsis, I don't know but it stops fights between two other Legendary Pokemon of Hoenn, I forget their names but it stopped them from fighting, oh yeah, and about that Legendary in Unova, it just so happens to be a Dragon type, can you go after it for me, if you manage to catch it, please show it to me! Now RAYQUAZA will be roaming Unova, just like Tornadus or Thundurus, go to the gate and it will say on the Electric Bulletin Board : Attention! Watch out, there are extremely high winds on Route ??, the Route is always randomized, sometimes on the windy route, if you run or use your bike during the high winds, you will get blown to the patch of grass where RAYQUAZA is hiding in, it has no special Legendary battle music it will be at Lv.50, watch out it has trong moves USE MEAN LOOK OR BLOCK because it gets real annoying with it fleeing every time!

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