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Can a tow company that has impounded your car, sell your car and sue for the money stored?

My car was impounded and the registration was my dads name. the bill for the tow company got up to $2,500 and couldnt pay for it to get out. The tow company ended up suing my father for $3,500 and sent a notice stating they also sold my car for $200.00. Is this legal?

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My friend works for a tow company, all he does is list cars on ebay and meet with buyers. When the bill gets to high (higher then the value of the car) they exchange the debt for the title to the car and sell it. If they didn't have the title I don't think they can legally sell it, you may have a case. Your going to have to speak with a layer to know for sure, but selling cars is common practice for towing companies.

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thank you for your answer...I realize that the tow company once they start the lien etc. that they ulitmately sell the car. My question is: The tow company not only sold my car, but sent a bill for the storage too.. So they sold my car and now is wanting us to pay the ordignal amount for the storage bill too. Im thinking they can either wait for us to pay the storage bill, or the other option would be to sell the car.....they did both....Is this legal ?
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