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What does get perspective, be perceptive and communicate constructively mean

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"Get perspective" would indicate learning about the situation so that you can understand it better. Another way to put it is to "look at the big picture". It is hard to comprehend a large mural from only a few inches away; you will only see the tiny details and brushstrokes, but if you stand back, the image comes together as a while and you can appreciate it's beauty. In a business sense, this would mean to research a project deeply. If you are trying to sell women's shoes, for instance, you would want to learn about what the customers want, such as price, style, colour, fit, and comfort, then design the marketing scheme to encourage consumers to choose your product over someone else's.

"Be perceptive" means to find the hidden meanings in things, and pick up on the details that are not immediately obvious. Another way to say it is "read between the lines" or "pay attention". this could be as simple as reading body language; a person might be making friendly conversation with you, but if they are constantly glancing off into the distance, fidgeting, or huffing and sighing frequently, they are unconsciously indicating that they are bored with you and have more important things to do than chat about your family vacation.

"Communicate constructively" would mean to stay on topic, use good, polite language, and contribute to a solution rather than adding to a problem. While working on a committee planning a staff Christmas party, it would be more constructive to say ,"I am not sure if everyone likes karaoke; is there another form of entertainment we could look into?" than to say "Karaoke is stupid and only the drunk idiots do it. Let's just hire a magician! Now, who wants to see my new tattoo?"

Hope that helps!

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