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how to make your period end faster

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Since a woman’s period is a biological process, there is no sure way to make it shorter. There are several methods which have been known to shorten a woman’s period in a majority of women, but this doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Furthermore, there are also methods to make it more manageable, and even control when it occurs. For one, using birth control, especially higher hormone pills, controls the hormones and regulates a woman’s period. This generally results in such advantageous effects as clearer skin, fewer PMS symptoms, and a shorter, lighter period. It is important to remember that these are common effects of taking birth control pills, but are not guaranteed to occur in all women. It should also be noted that birth control pills take about three months to fully regulate a woman’s hormones and thus their period. So, starting birth control a week before a big trip will not shorten your period.

Another perk of birth control is your ability to control when your period occurs, at least to some degree. Since birth control consists of three weeks of hormone regulating pills, and one week of placebo pills (during which time one’s period occurs), you can often shift the week your period occurs simply by continuing to take the hormone pills, instead of the placebo pills. This should be done in moderation, however, as long periods of regular hormone pills can cause cramping, headaches, and general malaise. It is usually the best idea to gradually shift your period, instead of doing it all at once.

While unproven, there are also several herbs which are said to allow for increased menstrual flow, and thus decreased period length. These herbs are lady’s mantle, motherwort, yarrow, and pennroyal. Again, these are unproven, but may assist an individual in shortening their period.

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