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I have a small lump in my scrotum not attached to the testical, is this normal?

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An ultrasound can help determine the nature of thisi. In most cases it is a fluid cyst that needs to drain or go down. These occur for many reasons. In alternative health a simple remedy using Slippery Elm can determine if it is something you can treat and bring down.
Please refer to my article:

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So how would I go about draining this as I am not a doctor ?
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This is the article that I read and now has me worried.: "Had a right shock in the shower yesterday. Found a hard painless lump in my scrotum, on what I first thought was my left testicle. It's quite firm, not sure I'd say 'rock hard', but harder than my testicles. I had felt some dull aching a week or two back, but other than that haven't had any symptoms that would lead me to check. I check intermitently anyways, so that makes me think it's arrived relatively quickly.

I went to a drop-in-centre GP because my doctor's were shut, and they've given me a letter to give to my GP which says the recommend I'm reffered to a urologist ASAP to 'exclude the chance of CA'. The GP put on her notes she thought it was about 2/3 cm, which seems pretty big.

As I've examined it further myself at home, the more I feel it, and my testicles with my hand the more it feels like it's not on my testicle itself. If what I can garner from looking at cross-section diagrams of the scrotum is right, it feels much more like the lump is attached to the epididymis - although they feel pretty close to each other - I can independently manipulate both the lump and the testicle, and can feel the 'bag of spaghetti'-type material that I've seen described of the epididymis around the lump, and from it feels like, marginally in between the testicle and the lump...

It's tricky to exactly tell how linked they are, but my gut is that it's not a growth on the actual testicle itslef, but on this tissue that's attached around it.

Obviously I'm going to my GP first thing tomorrow morning, with the looks to getting as speedy a referral as possible.

But, I was wondering if any had any thoughts at all on this? Although the feel of the lump itself seems to be in keeping with quite a typical TC lump, is the fact that it doesn't feel attached to the testicle itself but more to the epididymis any vague ray of hope?"
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