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Which of the following would be a good hook for a personal essay?

A. Ranch work is better than city work.
B. If you want to build muscles, work on a ranch.
C. When Shiloh reared back on his hind legs, tangling the reins in my hand, I knew I was in trouble.
D. None of the above are correct.

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I think C might be the best one although I don't like that one either I think bout choice A and B are too basic, but C is a good hook. I think that would be a good idea.

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B is a conclusion, not introduction. Throw out A; it's too simple.

C is good depending on what type of paper it is. C introduces a narrative, and the reader knows she is in for a short story prior to the arguments and support. If your paper needs to be short, this likely wouldn't be effective. If you have 2-3 pages single spaced, you've got room to entertain, and entertainment is almost always good.

If it's a paper that is weighing pros and cons, and it doesn't have room for entertainment, a better introduction may be something like:

"Most of my friends are city-folk. They enjoy X. They love Y. Above all else, they think they can't live without Z. While I see the appeal that city life has, I find myself being drawn back to my home on the ranch. I do occasionally enjoy Z, but nothing can live up to the ranch's A, B, and C."

Just thoughts. That may be too long as well. Also keep in mind that depending on the type if essay, you don't want to refer to yourself.

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