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Does Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all have a meaning in their name?

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This name is from Old English/Anglo Saxon (before 700) Sunnandæg (literally meaning "day of the sun"), which is cognate to other Germanic languages.(Wikipedia)

This name is from the Anglo-Saxon monandaeg, "the moon's day". This day was sacred to the goddess of the moon.

This day was named for the Norse god Tyr.

The day named in honor of Wodan (Odin).


The day named after the Norse god Thor. In the Norse languages this day is called Torsdag.

The day in honor of the Norse goddess Frigg.

This day is dedicated to dies Saturni, "Saturn's Day", by the ancient Romans in honor of Saturn. In Anglo-Saxon: sater daeg.

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i ancered your Q and you dont give me a vote???
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The days of the week have different meanings. Monday means the moon's day, Tuesday means day of mars, Wednesday is mercury. Thursday means day of Jupiter. Visit to see meaning of other days.

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In French it does! For example, I was born on Friday so it would be Afi. Or if you were born on a Saturday, it would be Athanase. I'm not sure about the English though. Sorry if this is not what you're looking for!!

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