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Appeal Restraining Order

About six months ago, an angry ex-girlfriend filed a TRO against me which was granted by the court. During the hearing, she blatantly lied to the court and stated that we had a physical altercation and that she was afraid for her safety. When she had finished with her statement, the Hearing Officer began to issue out her judgement. I politely raised my hand and addressed the officer, stating that I had every legal right to speak in my own defense against these allegations. The Hearing Officer promptly and very sternly instructed me to "Shut Up!" and continued with her judgement of a 18 month Protective Order. I left the courtroom and never received a copy of the Protective Order nor was I ever served wih one. I have a copy now which brings me to my main question. My biggest concern is the Federal law concerning Protective Orders and the possession of firearms. As a Bail Enforcement Agent and licensed Private Investigator, I am required to carry a firearm at all times for my job...however, this is not possible due to the Federal Gun Laws. Will I have to quit my job for a year until this ridiculous charge goes away? Is there any way around this? Anything at all?

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You can appeal the restraining order at a state appeals court, but it will be a tall order to file for the appeal. I don't think that you should quit your job because of the order; you can always take an indefinite leave as you work on the appeal. There is no way around the protective order, since it is considered illegal to carry any firearm while serving the charges. It would be wise to talk to a lawyer, so that you can weigh you options.

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Catching criminals and fugitives is how I make my living and provide a home for my children. I am an Iraqi veteran and a former law enforcement officer. Since I am no longer POST certified, I am not covered under the Law Enforcement exemption to Federal firearm statutes. As a 'civilian', I am left with basically a slim to none chance that my appeal would be granted. And, even with so many lawyers as friends and co-workers, the price still isn't cheap. Gotta love the Justice system!!
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