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MattBlake3 asked -  homework-help - 9 minutes ago
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Question is about people in the work force
Teags20 asked -  jobs-education - 12 minutes ago
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where should you begin when synthesizing your research and your writing
alcee123 asked -  homework-help - 14 minutes ago
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The other day we were SWAMPED with customers and i was the only cashier, i had one customer with alot of items and at the end i realized i had set som... More details »
fishergirlxo asked -  shopping - 15 minutes ago
coolspotJust mention it to him Wouldn't the item of tripped the alarm if you hadn't scanned it?  Since its 3 dollars just offer to pay for it if you did give it away.
I know Google Toolbar. I have it. Notice the keyword.
LogicalFold asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 16 minutes ago
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It's a gothic fiction in which a man goes to kill himself but encounters a dog that is being chased by a unknown entity. My teacher was taking about i... More details »
thatonepokemon2921 asked -  books-language - 18 minutes ago
werepanther1The Watchers is not a series it is a book, and also a movie, I believe by Stephen King. It has two lab escaped special dogs in it, one is monsterous and evil and the other is nice and highly intellige... Read more »
pankaaly000 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 18 minutes ago
spineysaurusYou'll have to be more specific. What genre are you looking for? Any specific artist or group? And how recent do you want it?
eve324625730 asked -  books-language - 19 minutes ago
thatonepokemon2921No, personification gives human Characteristics to nonhuman objects if you say "soon the house snores like celia" that's personification
Having a screw into my jaw. The ones on the top next to my front to teeth. I am 13. Also I am going to get my top wisdom teeth out at the same time!
pankaaly000 asked -  health-fitness - 22 minutes ago
werepanther1No worries. I've had my wisdom teeth out and had implants knocking my front teeth out at (15). It's good your getting two things out of the way at once! Your mouth may be sore for a bit, but will heal... Read more »
Lets say they've been dating for over a year, and she hasn't said it yet because she wants to hear him say it first. What does that say about the guy?
sarawill93 asked -  adult-relationships - 23 minutes ago
my sister needs to print out a paper for school, and the only printer we have is an old one, but we used to use it for our old computer and it had ton... More details »
alec106 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 25 minutes ago
warbird101If it is a printer/scanner it could, but if only a printer I doubt it will pass any viruses to your computer.
around 10:25-10:20 (few minutes ago today )two women in a white truck came to my house (night time) one women was blond , looked like she was in her m... More details »
trane25 asked -  random - 25 minutes ago
ancient-hippyCagney and Lacy, Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley, Mary and Rhoda, Thelma and Louise???? How could we possibly know.
all my yoga pants and legging have a waist line that would go all the way up to my belly button so I have to fold them over like twice but it looks we... More details »
sarahamor asked -  style-fashion - 26 minutes ago
captainbutterpuffWell it depends what you are trying to show off when u wear them, if its the lower back / rear area fold them real tight and press them down under something, if its the hips don't fold them, because f... Read more »
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