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callofdutymodernwarf asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 9 minutes ago
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jshuber asked -  random - 10 minutes ago
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spatch asked -  random - 11 minutes ago
maddiaskComets are very good longboards for sliding
my 14 year old brother was on the floor crying, of corse I helped him up and talked to him, what should I do now? I think he's ok but I don't want it ... More details »
paranoriagirl asked -  parenting-family - 14 minutes ago
oliviamortimerrCall a parent or lay him in bed, put ice on his forehead and turn on a tv so he can relax. he may be stressed out as well, try to keep the mood calm
TjSuhm asked -  art-design-photography - 14 minutes ago
cowboyandgameranyone that deals in painting and art... that'd be your best bet
I have to drive in drivers ed tomorrow, but I don't know how to drive. Is there any way I could get out of driving?
InfamousXXV asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 17 minutes ago
markovergaardThat's the whole purpose to Driver's Ed, is to teach you how to drive. You'll start on simulators, and then move to real cars. Don't panic, the Instructor won't let you kill anyone.
Banjodie1 asked -  art-design-photography - 18 minutes ago
wtaberI don't know. But, the artist's name is Kevin Red Star. I suggest you look online for other works by him that are for sale. You might be able to find items on eBay that have SOLD.
I am using biotin 10,000mcg, b complex, organic c, MSM(sulfur), potassium, kelp/iodine and a few forms of magnesium. I am female 54 years old. I do n... More details »
sisric asked -  health-fitness - 19 minutes ago
deanawynnyes, biotin and well, anything else that you take internally to help your hair affect the roots and new hair growth. Keep in mind that hair itself is made of *dead* cells.. you can't actually make the... Read more »
ChrisWillis802 asked -  places-travel - 20 minutes ago
nblacksmithProbably Tampa. At least in Vegas and Reno there is nothing to do but hang out in Casinos. But to be honest none of those would be choices I would go for. It's just Tampa seems the least bad of the... Read more »
At the end Jane gets interrupted while talking as the screen seems to have been unplugged.
SaitenHazard asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 21 minutes ago
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ahdunno asked -  building-construction - 21 minutes ago
oliviamortimerrAs long as there is no holes or cracks in the pipe, you should be fine. If you notice any strange noises or activity with your hot water you should call a plumber.
I've been talking to this girl for a couple of months to get to know her because i'm extremely picky when it comes to dating and I've made a decision ... More details »
smartsmile68 asked -  teen-relationships - 22 minutes ago
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iPod touch 4th gen
haushvcbhxjd asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 22 minutes ago
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