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happyBunny1 asked -  parenting-family - 15 minutes ago
aijazquraishiIf you are too suspicious or still you think that you are pregnant go for ultra-sonography if you are really pregnant even 2 to 3 weeks, the sonography detects the sac in your uterus and thus it is co... Read more »
one person says animals are color blind another says their not
psycho5150 asked -  pets-animals - 16 minutes ago
arfa123 hope this links helps u.
I'm turning 16 this December and i'm about 5'5 I want to grow 2 to 3 inches more. Can I still grow? Can you please suggest me some good ways. No medic... More details »
1D_infinite asked -  health-fitness - 17 minutes ago
runnerdudeNothing you can do. Your height has been determined. It's called genetics.
house pet
tricia475 asked -  pets-animals - 18 minutes ago
Answer this...
Kid_jayyyy asked -  sports-recreation - 24 minutes ago
Answer this...
spadix27 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 28 minutes ago
AllThatGlitter asked -  health-fitness - 29 minutes ago
bubbliousSure! Water retention, bloating. Watch your intake of salt, high sodium foods, exercise and drink lots of water, it sounds counterproductive but water can help keep your system working properly.
Linmel55 asked -  general-science - 31 minutes ago
aam292This last winter was the worst one for Virginia in the last 20 years
I recently received a patent pending for an idea, and while looking for a way to build it I have come across a piece in a hardware store that gives me... More details »
sincask asked -  random - 33 minutes ago
bigboosteryou cannot do that.that is illegal.unless you get said product's manufacturer to let you, you'll have to start from scratch
because idk. I'm confused. I know they put something in the ocean to try to track it down but did they actually find the thing yet?
allison_188 asked -  random - 33 minutes ago
mrjohnwayneNot yet. They have a ROV mini-sub in the area, but no confirmed sighting yet. Bad thing is, that area is also a ship graveyard from WW2 till present. Heavily used waters. But so far, no confirmed fin... Read more »
This was happening for months now, I need help
hugme4allday asked -  health-fitness - 34 minutes ago
fuzzbuzz95It really depends on how old you are (i think). When I was about 13 years old I felt aches in my back and my knees and legs pained. My doctor told me it was because my bones were growing. the sadness ... Read more »
riadot asked -  books-language - 36 minutes ago
mrjohnwayneThey'll have the breath while they're young, but it will start to get to them. I've seen this before and wondered why they bothered. Might as well eat a Big Mac or some KFC too. Smoking and exercise d... Read more »
I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant. when I open my legs or walk the right side of my vagina hurts and a little of my right side leg. it makes me not even wa... More details »
kcylovesyouu asked -  health-fitness - 40 minutes ago
finalfantasy7777I think it's time for you to go to the hospital and I mean now. Due dates really soon and a child can always come a little earlier. and congratulations.
austin1089 asked -  random - 41 minutes ago
allison-188Like 3-4 days. You'll get used to them quickly
JeremyS54 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 43 minutes ago
mrjohnwayneA couple of old hardcover books will work all right. You could go to Target or Wal-Mart and buy a small table to sit it on. Just keep it where it can get plenty of airflow to stay cool. I personally d... Read more »
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