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My mom doesn't want to make a big deal. Because of my little brother. We know he would be heart broken
Karliie asked -  adult-relationships - 10 minutes ago
unicorn58Keep it a secret from your brother. Let him know you all love him so much!!! Just do what's best for all of you if that means divorcing then do it. You want your mom to be happy. I hope I helped!
plz hep
minimatt_h asked -  sports-recreation - 10 minutes ago
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ggs asked -  questions-about-ask - 11 minutes ago
poindextraHello! Only moderators can remove reported content.  Keep in mind though that just because something is reported does not mean it will be removed. The question/answer/comment must be found to be in ... Read more »
i'm not doing anything inappropriate so don't even comment about that. but this guy i really like just asked me to skype him. i'm a really shy person ... More details »
faithlovesmrc asked -  teen-relationships - 12 minutes ago
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Basically what i'm asking, is do my muscles need to be soar, in order for me to gain muscle? I'm trying the very slow moment, but all day work out app... More details »
MattTurner18 asked -  health-fitness - 15 minutes ago
mcintosh02It depends on what kind of house chores. It would take a very long time to gain muscle by doing house work. You can start by lifting light weights like little 2 pound weights. But if you're afraid tha... Read more »
I do not like cracking my fingers but i have a habit of doing it and people tell me that i can get arthritis from it. I thought it was just nonsense b... More details »
cupidloveblue asked -  health-fitness - 15 minutes ago
askmasterno not at all, it is a myth, but just a bad habit and a rumor. do not trust the internet (i am not the internet)
srinathsurapaneni asked -  art-design-photography - 16 minutes ago
wtaberI suggest that you visit the Canon, Nikon, Sony and Leica forums at I prefer Nikon and have several exceptional lenses that I like to use.
beside go to doctor because I aint going to no doctor
Johnboy44 asked -  health-fitness - 16 minutes ago
krysthlaAs wtbar has already said, nails heal themselves like the rest of your body. Cutting a v shape in the toenail will make it want to close the "wound" and will pull the nail together to do so.
I've been a Christian for quite some time now, and I really want to be baptized. But I'm not sure if my faith and relationship with God is strong enou... More details »
kyleeak asked -  religion-spirituality-philosophy - 16 minutes ago
shanewilliamsIf you feel fully immersed in the lord, baptism is a ceremony confirming that. If you dont feel ready, dont do it.
This boy and i dated for 5 months and we go to same school he is in high school i am in a lower grade and i we split up my desision, but he was my fir... More details »
idkwhydoyoucare asked -  teen-relationships - 16 minutes ago
lima38If he scares you then the answer is clearly no. As a friend that's great to have one that can make you laugh, and flirt with, but you shouldn't date someone who scares you. Because one day it might n... Read more »
emilygrier asked -  adult-relationships - 16 minutes ago
fraikes09I was wondering the same thing for a while. I talk to my "crush" about everyday, and he usually stops by my locker or sits with me at 6p.-3rd lunch. All you really have to do is create a conversation ... Read more »
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