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First off, I have 2 and beat it twice on Xbox 360. There are a few things that 2 doesn't really explain, e.g., Lilith & Roland or why Brick is with ba... More details »
Delta62 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 13 minutes ago
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he caught me putting an app on his phone that tracks every move call and text he makes
laylani1988 asked -  adult-relationships - 14 minutes ago
louisjollietYou need to grab a bunch of good friends and go away to someplace that none of you have ever been to before.  You need to build up fun, positive memories that do not involve your ex.
some are paying 1,200-4,500 on an apartment ... never will own.thats a mortgage in some states that will by u space and that home if u continue pay... More details »
reallythough123 asked -  politics-world-events-society - 14 minutes ago
quester2011The income there is higher as well. New Yorkers also don't have a car payment because only some actually own cars... or they're in storage most of the year.
Heavenlei_kasey asked -  style-fashion - 15 minutes ago
louisjolliet  The history of shoemaking is so old that sort of information is long gone.
hailissa613 asked -  food-drink - 16 minutes ago
walt-oreagunYes ... "regular" fries, and "satisfries" ... "satisfries" allegedly have less fat and salt
I go to a bad neighborhood school where there are 90% black kids. They don't like white people and I'm white so they came up with this game called "th... More details »
brandonc2777 asked -  random - 17 minutes ago
irishdescent14If you are getting kicked so hard as to peeing blood, that is a very very serious problem. Man to man, that hurts a lot. If you have told your parents, school teachers, and principal and they do nothi... Read more »
I want to know if they make a lot of noise in the morning to the afternoon. I don't want him being very noisy at all. Do they make any chattering or c... More details »
mariahgreen56 asked -  pets-animals - 20 minutes ago
quester2011The most noise you hear is from that darned wheel! But there are a few different wheels that are very quiet, or you just oil them up a bit and they're super quiet. My favorite is the Wodent Wheel, it ... Read more »
Bjewlie asked -  random - 21 minutes ago
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Tried to kill Hitler
GlennMcDonald asked -  politics-world-events-society - 23 minutes ago
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It's a short story (twenty something pages) and it's a romance. The two characters go to an amusement park and one is afraid of heights. The other doe... More details »
ohshc7 asked -  books-language - 24 minutes ago
perfectlyawesome asked -  homework-help - 24 minutes ago
29md29In mathematics, a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction p/q of two integers, with the denominator q not equal to zero. Since q may be equal to 1, every intege... Read more »
justinbiebergirl330 asked -  jobs-education - 24 minutes ago
deszy23When your mature, responsible and trust worthy. I wouldnt give a age.If i had to about 14.
Darlene10129 asked -  homework-help - 24 minutes ago
irishdescent147+9x=5+2x -9x=-9x 7=5-7x -5=-5 2=-7x /7=/7 .29=x  (you don't want a decimal so keep it at -2/7.)
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