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CristinaaJ asked -  homework-help - 7 minutes ago
thesaint314Regardless of your view, here's the order of the eight larger planets, starting nearest the sun and working outward through the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Nept... Read more »
dont know who they r ive heard of them but dont know who they r please help if u can its bothering me
wildman1999 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 8 minutes ago
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So, I was bored and tried out this app called "WeFollow" and it was stupid and didn't work so I deleted it. Upon deleting it, I still see that every f... More details »
TheNBHD asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 9 minutes ago
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Please give examples and reasons explaining that example. Thank you very much (:
ThatOneDude321 asked -  places-travel - 11 minutes ago
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customize body kits, hoods, rims, interior, paint, vinyls, decals, engine
crobitzsch asked -  art-design-photography - 12 minutes ago
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So I've been married for a day now where should I go for my honey moon though?
thesaint314 asked -  adult-relationships - 12 minutes ago
wildman1999i would say london
I have curly hair that was really thick, but now it's not puffing up as much as it was before. It's kind of tendril curls, but there seems to be a lot... More details »
TheZenMaster asked -  health-fitness - 12 minutes ago
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harry_styles11234 asked -  teen-relationships - 13 minutes ago
g-m-fairchildTo forgive and to forget is two very different things. To hold a grudge can be life saving. I know someone who never held a grudge. Always forgave. she got her heart broken time after time after t... Read more »
I am going to a prom this weekend and next but i need a maternity dress nd i cant find a store that sells maternity prom dresses. I need one soon! lol
marissajane17 asked -  teen-relationships - 14 minutes ago
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when I try to watch a certain video on onedrive (on the xbox app) it says something like "this file may have been deleted or removed...... if you cont... More details »
NovaRoma asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 20 minutes ago
peterhickieIs the video copyrighted? If it is, there's your answer
kimmyd123 asked -  books-language - 21 minutes ago
spiceitupI don't know. Why is delivery by car called a shipment, whereas delivery by ship is called cargo?
RHOUP4 asked -  general-science - 24 minutes ago
ancient-hippyInput is cold water, 220 volts electricity or gas fired burner.
I don't like the idea of taking mummies and putting them in museums. Its sort of like if you wanted your ashes thrown in a lake and i decided to fl... More details »
G_M_Fairchild asked -  jobs-education - 25 minutes ago
mogadeetModern archaeologist don't do that any more. The mummy collecting craze was from Victorian times. People used to even have mummy unwrapping parties! There is an attempt to return artifacts to their... Read more »
wafa98 asked -  health-fitness - 27 minutes ago
mogadeetYou can lose weight eating any food as long as you reduce your calories or burn more calories. Peanut butter is a very high calorie food, so you will not be able to each much of it and much of anythi... Read more »
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