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I am allergic to 52 things and I have been getting allergy shots (immunotherapy) for at least 2 years and I wana know how long it will take for most o... More details »
Asker3429 asked -  health-fitness - 7 minutes ago
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gaurav360degree asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 8 minutes ago
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deepu171297 asked -  general-science - 9 minutes ago
deanawynnMost of the other planets do have some small amount of water vapor or small areas of water ice but depending on the planet there are many factors that prevent liquid water from forming on the surface ... Read more »
Maybe he DID write all those plays .....No one doubts Charles Dickens , etc -And I'm a big " fan " of both -
PaulAH asked -  books-language - 9 minutes ago
knowledgeispower12I do believe this is what I heard. They found a play or writing of Shakespeares it was written by a different person because it had the other persons name on it. They think shakespeare paid the man fo... Read more »
gabbyh asked -  health-fitness - 9 minutes ago
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I'm in 9th grade right now and plan on taking business classes throughout high school. Do I absolutely have to go to college to run my own business? I... More details »
the_red_dragon asked -  business-finance-law - 11 minutes ago
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I cant find a good one
DiegoLaTerza asked -  random - 12 minutes ago
I can not forget the singer's voice. Such a masterpiece!!
YumiLin asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 13 minutes ago
ynp-214Cecilia Bartoli
I looked on the tumidei website and i cant figure out how i can buy the bed and how much it costs so i want to know where i can buy it and get a price
Sapph asked -  art-design-photography - 13 minutes ago
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like what do they see in emo girls
luneryaoilover asked -  adult-relationships - 13 minutes ago
heshermaybe a more sense of loyalty and a sense of connection or mutual understanding  a different type of beauty  ask a guy who's into them at your school   my girls not emo but she has time where she want... Read more »
I have been using SI unit 'mm' for basic dimensioning in all my drawings till now.My client being American now needs it in feet and inches.At the ... More details »
akilghosh asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 14 minutes ago
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I am saying if a person wanted to find my, let's say, Facebook account or Tumblr, account, can they use my e-mail to find me or track me down?
lol10345 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 14 minutes ago
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I need to pack for both trips at the same time and I only have 46 kg (100 pounds) of luggage I can take.
JoKer88 asked -  places-travel - 15 minutes ago
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eileensoverino asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 15 minutes ago
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Did you mean?