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Day one of basketball tryouts went on today and after the tryouts my family and I went out to eat and I consumed way too many bad calories. I ate ice ... More details »
o_x_o asked -  health-fitness - 8 minutes ago
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we had an open house and parents forgot to hide safe and we don't know who it might be since we had 20+ people over
stealth_ninja_01 asked -  random - 8 minutes ago
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need know what proper court papers fill out with the court to get the other parents to pay their court ordered half
bluxx asked -  business-finance-law - 9 minutes ago
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and this isn't me going on a diet or anything. im 4'11 and 103lb. but i eat way too much. So will removing say big hot cheeto bags and constant eating... More details »
julianneshelley asked -  health-fitness - 11 minutes ago
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i want a ferret but my mom says no because they stink so how can you make them stink less
bubblez446 asked -  pets-animals - 11 minutes ago
deanawynnyou really cant.. I mean keeping the cage really really clean and having them spayed or neutered can "help". There is a so called de-scenting procedure than will remove certain anal glands but since f... Read more »
I have an everyplay account and the app (iPod) and I don't know how to record?!?! my geometry dash can automatically record but how do I record for su... More details »
bubblegumforever asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 12 minutes ago
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Des_Cullison asked -  business-finance-law - 12 minutes ago
matthickeyYes depending on the cell phone provider, you can track a text and read what the person said and what time and date the message was sent. You can look it up on the cell phone providers website.
See im trying to buy steam money via paypal and i can only get it from a prepaid PayPal card or credit card i only have a bank account (echeck). So i ... More details »
InfamousComic asked -  business-finance-law - 12 minutes ago
krysthlaYou can transfer your some money from your bank account into a prepaid visa, which acts like a credit card online but is basically just a debit card with a different name.
This guy used to talk to me whenever he sees me but a while ago there was a dance that I talked to him about taking me to it and he said yes but then ... More details »
5432 asked -  adult-relationships - 13 minutes ago
sadsweetchilddon't worry girl the most likely thing to do is it has nothing to do with you hes probably just going through a hard time right now. try comforting him!
I need it for a homework assignment
hypergirl150 asked -  homework-help - 13 minutes ago
gatorbluPick any song that came out, in 2001 or later, that is not a cover.
Please with as much detail as possible...with percentages if possible or whatever other information you have at hand
brittanyn asked -  parenting-family - 14 minutes ago
youngest-of-loveThe father has type 0 blood then because both the parents gave the baby 0 blood
TinaPreziosi asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 15 minutes ago
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