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how much does it affect your future? I used to get straight A's but I stopped caring and now have a f, c's and a few b's.
craftergirl111 asked -  jobs-education - 8 minutes ago
mcintosh02High school is when it starts counting. But it's not good to stop caring about school. If you stop trying now, odds are you won't try in the future and that will create problems. Get back on track and... Read more »
Long story short, I'm writing a book where the main characters literally KNOWS everything. I want them to have a creepy saying as to add humor. :)
wazz asked -  books-language - 10 minutes ago
anonymouspeepMake then say, "I know EVERYTHING, even the fact (another character's biggest secret here)" or, "I know what you did in the dark . . . with a girl" (or boy depending on character's gender)
The month and day please.
LoganPires asked -  art-design-photography - 11 minutes ago
shanewilliamsOn the anniversary of when the dog teams got medicine to sick people when there was no other way. And Balto was the lead dog of the final team who did 2 legs of the trek.
1IJimenez asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 11 minutes ago
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if i fail 1 class at the end of my sophomore year would i still be able to play all my football games my junior year?. in other words would i have to ... More details »
Gutierrez88 asked -  sports-recreation - 12 minutes ago
mominmiGet it together & don't fail.
When me and my brother first got our Xbox we agreed we would share a live account for the sake that this way we wouldn't have to buy gold twice. The o... More details »
rei7689 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 12 minutes ago
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1IJimenez asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 12 minutes ago
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My riding instructor's cat had kittens and I am getting one, but I want to know how to approach their mother. I've read that cats are defensive about ... More details »
AnonymousPeep asked -  pets-animals - 13 minutes ago
deepdarkSlowly and quietly. Crouch down when close to her so as not to seem large and threatening. Let her watch you for a moment. When you reach for a kitten, move slowly. If mom gets nervous, draw back a mi... Read more »
idkwhydoyoucare asked -  teen-relationships - 15 minutes ago
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I don't understand is she seeing someone else?
Foams asked -  teen-relationships - 16 minutes ago
victoria83She doesn't want to date you but she is telling you she likes you as a friend...she is trying to not hurt you.
tinyheart asked -  parenting-family - 18 minutes ago
anonymouspeepAccording to science, people's dreams are based off real life. Baby boys typically wear blue, and a mirror would make two babies. Maybe it just means you want to have twin baby boys.
ok first off I eat like 500 calories... so how many do I need to live? please don't say 2000 I mean like to survive. btw I am13
craftergirl111 asked -  health-fitness - 19 minutes ago
seajay42Well, 2,000 is the recommended amount daily. I'm not sure there's really a certain amount; everyone's body is different in that sense.
I'm talking about the fancy Tumblr girl cameras. I travel a lot, but my pictures come out horrible!!! thanks!
super_duper_groovy asked -  art-design-photography - 20 minutes ago
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Did you mean?