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how much does it affect your future? I used to get straight A's but I stopped caring and now have a f, c's and a few b's.
craftergirl111 asked -  jobs-education - 4 minutes ago
chimichanga124No not necessarily . But if you fail some classes you can get held back or get summer school. But honestly i would get prepared for 8th grade. And in highschool that is when your grades are most impor... Read more »
Long story short, I'm writing a book where the main characters literally KNOWS everything. I want them to have a creepy saying as to add humor. :)
wazz asked -  books-language - 6 minutes ago
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The month and day please.
LoganPires asked -  art-design-photography - 7 minutes ago
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1IJimenez asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 7 minutes ago
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if i fail 1 class at the end of my sophomore year would i still be able to play all my football games my junior year?. in other words would i have to ... More details »
Gutierrez88 asked -  sports-recreation - 8 minutes ago
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When me and my brother first got our Xbox we agreed we would share a live account for the sake that this way we wouldn't have to buy gold twice. The o... More details »
rei7689 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 8 minutes ago
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1IJimenez asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 8 minutes ago
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My riding instructor's cat had kittens and I am getting one, but I want to know how to approach their mother. I've read that cats are defensive about ... More details »
AnonymousPeep asked -  pets-animals - 9 minutes ago
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idkwhydoyoucare asked -  teen-relationships - 11 minutes ago
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I don't understand is she seeing someone else?
Foams asked -  teen-relationships - 12 minutes ago
victoria83She doesn't want to date you but she is telling you she likes you as a friend...she is trying to not hurt you.
tinyheart asked -  parenting-family - 14 minutes ago
anonymouspeepAccording to science, people's dreams are based off real life. Baby boys typically wear blue, and a mirror would make two babies. Maybe it just means you want to have twin baby boys.
ok first off I eat like 500 calories... so how many do I need to live? please don't say 2000 I mean like to survive. btw I am13
craftergirl111 asked -  health-fitness - 15 minutes ago
seajay42Well, 2,000 is the recommended amount daily. I'm not sure there's really a certain amount; everyone's body is different in that sense.
I'm talking about the fancy Tumblr girl cameras. I travel a lot, but my pictures come out horrible!!! thanks!
super_duper_groovy asked -  art-design-photography - 15 minutes ago
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Did you mean?