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MattStolarchuk asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 10 minutes ago
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panel on left in back has nothing blown out
peewee29 asked -  music-movies-tv-celebrities - 11 minutes ago
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I heard if I watch it for 30 seconds 300+ times it'll fix it, would that help?
thebrave246 asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 12 minutes ago
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ss1226 asked -  cars-trucks-boats-cycles - 13 minutes ago
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I get only one frame of it when I save it. I want it to be animated. I need help ASAP. Thank you.
DiscordXD asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 13 minutes ago
skeptibotMost images viewer won't open an animated GIF, but if you open in your browser, that may work
We know each other 3 weeks ago, and first I thought he's very sweet. But in these days he said to me a lots of things about himself. For example: He i... More details »
Grace46 asked -  adult-relationships - 16 minutes ago
walt-oreagunOf course there's another girl in his life ... he doesn't live in a monastery.   And what does being a singer, or being in a band, have to do with anything? Are you against singers and band members? ... Read more »
Chuckam asked -  food-drink - 16 minutes ago
boigurlluvrmix the yogurt into the seasonings instead of using sour cream.. tastes delicious with a little bit of crushed red pepper flakes
I have recently purchased altama millitary boots and they are leather and some sort of canvas with rubber sole and I know how to clean the leather an... More details »
demonking222 asked -  sports-recreation - 17 minutes ago
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For one thing, everything is blue and white, not that every city is a different color (as I see in every video I watch), and the "beat the game in und... More details »
DavidKurzendoerfer asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 19 minutes ago
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My playstation broke, and laptop screen is too small. What are some other ways to connect?
Reliabletoo asked -  apps-gadgets-computers-games - 22 minutes ago
brendanbrmA phone or tablet, or do you have another game station you could use?
how long would a 17 year old guy be under house arrest for trying to sell prescription medicine in Wisconsin? does anyone know? anything will help. th... More details »
hailbail175143 asked -  business-finance-law - 22 minutes ago
benmallowwas he arrested as a misdemeanor or as a felony? that will dictate his sentence differently. What other info can you provide? Substance he was arrested with, amount, etc.
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